Five mile race

I have been training really hard over the last 7 weeks since my last 10k. My time was 46.00 over a very hilly course on a hot day. The thing is I have never done a 5 mile race and am unsure as how to approach it. The weather is perfect it is known as a pb course and I really want to do well.Do i just run it at the speed of a 10k or try to go a bit faster from the start. Am looking at under 36 minutes is this realistic?? Any thoughts very welcome - thanks.


  • Bambi,very hard to say,what do you normally train at ie pace did you feel after the could start to fast and blow up half way round..if this is all new to you ,my advice would be to start at 10k pace and feel your way into the 1-2 miles at a good speed and if you feel comfortable ...kick in and have a go.
    Some of my best races though have been when i have thrown caution to the wind and then just gone for it..some times you suffer,but thats running.
  • You want to be running at an uncomfortably fast pace right from the start, and you need to be warmed up. Warmed up for a race like that doesn't just mean loose and stretched, it means already breathing hard.

    Target time sounds quite sensible to me.
  • Try this calculator from RW <a herf="">here

    Sure enuf, 46min 10k = 36'41" 5M

    Go for it! If it's a flatter course, try 1 or 2% quicker even!
  • Thanks for the help people. All sounds good to me - i definitely set off too fast on my last 10k as I hit the 5k point at 22.27 but I was thinking that maybe being that little bit shorter, flat and a very cool day here today I should go for that initial pace again. Have done a long run of 9 to 11 miles every week since my last 10k averaging about 36 miles a week with one day being a faster session. Prior to this I had only managed a coulple of weeks at 30 plus miles so heres hoping......
  • I'm glad someone else doesn't know how to pace one of these as well! I've got my first 5 miler in a couple of weeks and I've never done that distance either.

    I was thinking of just going for it from the very start, but I think that 5 miles is just long enough that it could go badly downhill in the last mile.

    Maybe I'll just go for a hard 10k pace...
  • Just to let you know I set off at a hard pace managed to hold it quite well and came away with a time of 36.05. Pretty pleased with that as it was quite breezy aswell. Thanks again everyone your advice really did help me and gave me the confidence to start fast!!
  • Nice time!

    Right, sounds like a plan to me :-)
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