How do you know...

Just re-started training after an enforced break thanks to a heavy cold that wouldn't go. Started well enough, last Saturday was about to go on a broken five mile run, in intervals. Didn't even make it a mile - sharp pain across the front of my knee put paid to that. Walked back, cursed a lot. Also been suffering sciatic pain, but had that before anyway. This knee pain comes and goes, but luckily has not been as severe as one that initial run again. I'm sh*t-scared to go out on another run though, I'm always like that after getting an injury.
Anyway, the question is... How would I know if it's ITBS? I'm fairly sure that's the case... And ITB stretches seem to help, big time.
Also, what's a sensible rest period for something like this? Can ice help? Should I do the stretches more frequently (do them about twice a day at the moment)??
I want the moon on a stick, me. Mind you, if I got it I would probably drown.


  • "sharp pain across the front of my knee" - ITBS is on the outside.

  • My book reckons possible lateral cartilage ligament strain - answer rest and ice. Avoid running on a camber and get your shoes checked.
  • As I remember it, it was across the front, yeah - and that's where some general weirdness remains. Thanks for the tip, WA.
  • I had a touch of ITBS and it's definately on the side and definately not funny. Also the pain recedes very quickly when you stop running. I had to rest and stretch for a week and then take it really easy. Hills and uneven surfaces murder you. If it is persistent and a general weirdness sounds like it is you need to seek medical advice.
  • Thanks Scott. Is feeling good at the moment after a week and a half of rest, am going to try it out a teeny bit this weekend I think, see how it feels and take it - gently - from there.
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