Anyone know any good running shops in Northamptonshire?

Just like the title says!

I'd like to go for a nosey round here before I go back to Manchester in a few days, but don't know where (if anywhere) is good!

anyone help? :)


  • I went to a shop called Advance in Peterborough (on the outskirts really). They were really helpful (video gait analysis etc) The shop is small but packed with gear etc and they were knowledgeable and helpful. Recommended. Phone no in back of RW
  • There's always Milton Keynes. There's a sports shop in the snowdome complex where they measured my gait and sold me some shoes. They didn't try to rip me off either, I ended up with one of the cheaper pairs out of the ones I tried. I've not had knee pain either since buying the right shoes.
    MK takes about 20mins from W'borough and 15 from N'ton. You'll probably draw a blank in W'borough unless you just want the bog standard tracksuit etc. Plus MK has the sales on at present with loads of shops. (not like Manchester but we're spoilt for choice round these parts!)
  • Try the Running Shop in St Leonards Road, Northampton (South of the Town Centre, past the Carlsberg Brewery)
  • PSI

    I would also recommend Milton Keynes, Sweatshop is in the snowdome complex and I have always found the staff very helpful in there - easy parking and easy to find just aim for the very unmissable snowdome.
  • Is the Running Shop in Northampton worth going to? I'm wanting to get some new asics trainers, but would also like advice. Maybe it would be more worthwhile going to Peterborough or MK?
  • I'd go to Peterborough every time! Really knowledgable, video gait analysis, excellent personal service - wins everytime.
  • Northampton Runner....
  • The Running Shop in Northampton is well worth going to....they are very informative and helpful (staffed by runners) and often let you jog along the road outside to try out the trainers they recommend...
  • TriRunning sport shop opened in November - its at 222 Wellingborough Rd, Northampton they have all the latest running shoes and clothing - also do video gait analysis
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