Ladies v Mens

...a pair of Saucony Grizzly Approach, and the nice man in the shop said he didn't think they did a women's version of the shoe. She wears a size 8 shoe generally, and has come away - with this chap's guidance, and he's a seasoned runner in a specialist Norwich shop - with a men's pair of size 9 Grizzlys. She's worrying a bit that she should have got a woman's pair as she'd read they had more cushioning in different areas - does it matter? Is that true? Should we be going back to the shop and asking the man to order a pair of lay-dees Grizzlies?
Advice please!!!!


  • Come on, someone!
  • I wear mens asics

    I have size 8 feet and wear 9's

    they are perhaps slightly wider but I notice no difference except the colour!
  • me 2 size 8 footsies but wear mens size 9 asics
  • I think the main difference between women's and men's shoes are that the women's version tend to be narrower, esp around the heel. If it fits ok then there's probably no need to change.
  • Well, she says they're a little roomy around the midsection. Which I don't think is a good thing. Hmmmmm. Perhaps they might have to go back - her feet aren't terribly wide.
    So Ginge, you wear men's shoes because of the width then?
  • there's an old thread that covers the same issue.

    Will boing it for you.
  • Meldy - have you and Loon thought about going skiing? No need to hire skis by the sounds of it ;o)
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