recently read that Pilates was good for running as it improves breathing and stretching technique - is this true or just another fad? Has anyone had any good or bad experiences? Has Pilates contributed to improved performance?


  • Pilates is excellent for improving core stability as well as lengthening and stretching the muscles. Running put's so much impact onto our bodies and if we do not stretch properly our muscles often become tight and shortened. Pilates works on the core muscles and the small muscles in our bodies that support our frame. I would definitly recommend it.
  • I agree with Claire but would suggest that it must be done properly so seek a class or tutor rather than trying to learn by books or video. I've been doing this since October, feel stronger for it and have set PBs at 5 mile up to half marathon since.
  • Takes a while to get the benefit I believe Guestie - a few weeks before you notice the benefit - so stick at it.
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