getting no where fast help

Been running for about 3 months now and did my first race last week which was ok.But recently seem unable to run 10 mins when i was running for half hour a month ago.I feel like i m running on a empty tank no energy.I go running 3 times a week for about 30 - 45 minutes.I have ideal build for running long legs and light weight but i don t have a great diet ( lots of junk food )i don t drink much alcohol and eat a lot of vegatables but not much fruit.What kind of foods can i eat to improve my energy levels.


  • Hi Stevi,

    There's info on diet if you click here. Take a scan through some of the links lower down the page about basics, food groups etc.

    Good luck :-)
  • Try taking a multi vit with Iron suppliment, it will take a couple of weeks to feel the difference. cos if your a junker your not getting the right minerals and vitamins.
  • Stevi - you need to be drinking water too,at least 1ltr a day. I often find if I haven't drunk enough my runs are not as effective.
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