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I am running the flm and cant make my mind up what schedule to follow, when should i taper my long runs and what distance should i cover a week and what length should be my longest run and how many times do i need to run that distance. Last time i followed schedules for the flm, i felt i hadnt done enough preparation and found it extremely hard going after 15 miles anybody got any ideas on this subject please.


  • Hi Chappy,

    Which schedules have you been looking at?

    Take a scan at the following and see if any of them look good to you. I think they're all slightly different.

    Runners World UK

    Runners World US

    Hal Higdon

    There's also the 4 days a week schedule in the current edition of Runners World magazine.

    I used the US Runners World site Beginners' schedule for my first marathon earlier in the year. I followed it, and it seemed to work ok. I didn't break any records, but nor did I hit the wall.

    I hope something here is at least a useful starting point for you. Good luck :)
  • TmapTmap ✭✭✭
    If you ask me, use the schedules as a rough guide about target mileage in a week, but do whatever you feel you can do. What's important is building up steadily.

    I end up doing more longer runs than on these schedules (e.g. 2 x 15 miles a week plus one or two short fast ones). My first FLM was on just 2 big runs a week, just at weekends, and was close to my pb.

    Hope that's not too disruptive.
  • Chappy - the long runs are really the key. You should be used to running 20 milers before the FLM - that way you shouldnb't be feeling tired after 15.
  • Wee piglet. Read all of them , thats the trouble. Looking at all of them and trying to build my own schedule to fit around my family and work commitments.Got to say i agree with Cougie. I think that long runs are the key, come to the conclusion that if you do the groundwork in the week, then the long weekend runs are easier to tackle.
  • Yeah - I think you have to adapt all of the schedules. One day I'll work out how many of the scheduled runs I actually did for FLM 2002. Maybe 70% ??
  • I see what you mean, Chappy.

    I also agree with Cougie. This time I'll be aiming to run x 5 per week, but the only one that seems to me to be absolutely vital is the long one. With the rest I'm happy to chop and change a bit as long as I'm not actually doing less than the basic schedule suggests. Sometimes the Mon-Fri runs look a little short to me.

    Good luck with it all, anyway! I haven't fixed on a plan yet either, except for my ever increasing long runs :)
  • Oh - conducted post mrtem of my FLM2002 training.

    I was meant to be following a 14 week training plan that had me running on 69 occasions.

    I managed 42 ! So that's 3 sessions a week, and only 60% of what I was meant to do.

    Sheesh - if I can find time for the other 40% of sessions I'll be kicking Paulas ass, except she's a girl and I won't be in her category. Well either that, or I'll be really injured and over trained !

    Very poor performance me.
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