Running in London

Hi I'm visiting London this week and I'm just about sick of the hotel treadmill so wanted to venture out.

When I go out during the day the streets are terribly crowded and roads lethal with cars and cyclists.

Where on earth is a runner supposed to run ? With these pavements I wouldn't be able to manage more than a shuffle before colliding with someone.

I'm staying in the City around Fenchurch St so any suggested routes within short reach of here would be gratefully received.



  • Tom - try the Serpie site here: Go down the nav bar to London routes, and there should be something to suit. Hope you have a great visit.
  • Tom anywhere in central London is crowded this time of year. I would head to the river & run along the footpaths. Try and avoid 12 till 2 when City workers are on lunchbreak. You just have to accept that at somepoint you will run into a group of 30 plus continental teenagers blocking the path.
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    You could go out along the canal past St Katherines dock. From Fenchurch Street head down towards the river (should hit London Bridge), turn left and head to Tower Bridge. Go under the bridge, through St Katherines Dock and then pick up the canal on the left towards Shadwell Basin - the run to the basin and back would be about 4 miles I think. If you want longer you can keep going, just follow signs for Thames Path and I think you can get all the way to docklands.
  • Went along the Thames path today. It's pretty good on the south side of the river but the north side has so many twists and turns and stairs that I couldn't get up a decent speed.

    Too crowded at lunchtime, but early morning was fine.

    Thanks all.
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