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  • hi mrs mac
    there is about 200people take part in the tom scott i am thinking of running it my self this year if i can get fit enough.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
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  • Hi folks.
    I'm new to this forum lark ... this is me just plucking up the courage to add my message. I have been following them quite regularly though!
    I'm from Gartcosh (near Cumbernauld).
    I haven't done much since the Glasgow 1/2 last year, but have entered the Britannic Asset Women's 10K in May (again) and also the Glasgow 1/2 this September, so back to building up the mileage. Up to 7, or so, miles on longest run, so far ...
  • Welcome Rhonda, may see you at the Glasgow 1/2.

    Good joke Nessie.

    Anyone doing the Inverness Half?
  • Hi Rhona, don't be shy to chat about what you are doing Rhona as we have to keep this thread alive and regularly bouncing to page one of the forum.

    Jane M, I'm doing Inverness Half on 16th March and Great Scottish when it comes round in September. Great Scottish will be as a build up to my first (and possibly only) Marathon at Loch Ness at end of September.


  • Hi all

    I've found another race I'd never heard of - Brechin High School 10K on May 11th. Anyone any info/comments on this one. I thought I'd give it a bash!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'm now only a maybe for Inverness. My hamstring has been playing up since last Thursday, so I'm doing lots of stretching and massage at the moment. I'll probably make a decision this weekend. I'll be gutted if I miss it.

    Glasgow is probably my favourite race, as I've PB'd twice there (albeit very slow ones) and the atmosphere is great.
  • is anyone from SCOTLAND going to the BLACKPOOL MARATHON on 22june ,it a great weekend away ,flat course,possible sunshine
    maybe pb,s possible.
  • Sorry to hear that Nessie may not make the Inverness Half.

    I have news of a race on Saturday 7th June, its being held by the Anthony Nolan Trust at Inchmarlo Golf Centre, Banchory. Its a 10k fun run and I believe some of the actors from Emmerdale will be taking part. For more info call 01467 629468.

    Good luck to anyone racing this weekend.
  • KG
    I sat down last night and went through all this years UK marathons and decided to give Blackpool a shot.
    I've run numerous 10ks and a few half marathons but never run a marathon before and its been nagging away at me for ages. Maybe its vanity as people always say "have you run a marathon", whenever they find out i'm into running.
    My 10K times suggest i should be capable of 3.15 but i think i'll settle for getting round because at this stage with 3 months left my long run is only 12 miles.
    What are you hoping for?
  • Hello to the new faces here, don't be shy just jump in to the forum then forget about doing any work.

    My plans to do the Inverness half look a bit shaky at the moment too, work are doing their best to mess it up for me.

    I am still hoping to see some of you there though.
  • Julz
    Just caught up on the forum after a few days. There are a few races in the Edinburgh area you can check out:
    Bellhaven Best Dunbar Boundary 10K (5th April
    Penicuik 10k (stonker of a hill at 1-2 miles) in May
    Auld Toun 10K, Dunfermline (usually a Wednesday)in May
    Haddington Festival 5 Mile Road Race in June
    Scottish Gas 5K & 10K, Granton/Silverknowes in August

    Scottish athletics should be issuing the summer fixture list ( time now or you can pick up a copy from Run & Become in Dalry Road.

    Try checking out results websites first to see previous races, fastest/slowest times, size of the field (if you are like me and prefer safety in numbers!):
    SAF website (see above)

    Sorry you couldn't manage Lasswade this year - hopefully we'll see you there next year.

  • Happy Friday to one and all!
    Is anyone doing the Great Caledonian Run in May?? Anyone done it before?? Can you recommend where best to stay up there the night before??
  • Hi M

    I'm doing the great Caledonian. A first time for me in this race. I've been told from someone that ran it before that there is a really steep hill just after the start. So don't expect any record times in this race.

    I'm travelling through from Aberdeen on the day so I can't really recommend anywhere for accomodation.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    In case anyone is interested, I got my entry form for the Mid Argyll Half Marathon in the post yesterday. It's on the 4th of May in Lochgilphead (about 80 miles from Glasgow) and its FLAT!

    Entry forms can be got from the Mid Argyll Swimming Pool, Oban Road, Lochgilphead, Argyll, and the enrty fee is £5/£7 + £1 if you enter on the day.
  • M, PPB - running Balmoral for second time...think I must be mad! The atmosphere is great but found the hill a real killer - it seems to go on forever and every time you turn a corner, there's yet more hill! Was happy to get round in under an hour and will be just as pleased if I manage that this time..definately won't be looking for a PB.
    Sorry M but can't recommend any accommodation either, travelling from Aberdeen too.
  • Morning all!

    Cheers for all the race info. Five days into an enforced months break from running (shinsplints). So I'll start picking things up in April. Will definately look at the fixture list for races though.

    I might go to the Lasswade10 this weekend as a spectator anyway, see what I'm missing.
  • I am running Balmoral for the first time this year, looks as though I will have to watch out for that hill. I am driving up on the day, so I am afraid I can't advise on accomodation.

    Talking of hills is anybody else doing Lasswade on Sunday? I am running there this weekend, and doing the Inverness half the following Sunday.
  • Hello Robert,

    I'm a runner living in glasgow. I'm not scottish but I've got the accent.
    Can anyone out there tell me if there is a running club near where I live which is the cathcart/muirend area of the soutside of glasgow?


  • I did Balmoral last year and that hill is a b*****r. I was glad when it was all over and disappointed with my time but it was only the 2nd time I'd run 10k, aiming for around 55mins or better depends on how I'm feeling. I'll be driving through on the day but I once stayed at the Schielhallion guest house in Braemar which was very nice and reasonable rates too.
  • Hello friends
    .M. I think me and my brother in law
    are doing the G.C.Run in may,(90%).
    We did it before,a couple of years ago,
    we drove up on the day and left directly
    afterwards,(so no boarding suggestions)
    .P.P.B. Remember once your up the hill,
    you've got come back down again.
    .Suzie B. I agree with you the atmosphere
    brilliant,and im sure I can remember some breathtaking scenery,definitely the most
    scenic race I've run.
    .C.C. If your driving up appreciate the
    stunning surroundings.
    .Trish M. Hope you enjoy the day and good luck with your "time".
    Good Luck To Everyone.Happy Running. R.D.
  • Whoops!what happened to that last post,
    thats why the teacher said always go
    over your work before submitting it..
  • Hello Yusir,

    I hope your enjoying your
    time in Glasgow,
    There is, a running club in
    the south-side of Glasgow,
    Look up,
    I dont know how close this
    may be to you,but there is a lot
    of imformation on their site
    e.g.Location,contacts etc.
  • Hope everyone who is running this weekend has a great time ...
    for me .. more training runs ... it is slowly killing me I think ... 3 cold baths in a week is not good for anyone ... but fair stops the aches and pains..
    I have 10 miles today & tomorrow .. oh the motivation is slipping as the kettle boils ..
    hopefully by the time it is Alloa .. is this a half marathon? I should be fit enough to get round without doing that horrible crawl/drag last 2 miles and sensational collapse over line.
    London Marathon here I come !!!
  • Dear RD

    Thanks for the info. Must go and visit that runnign club. Regularly run near there! They're behind some houses and I run usually at night so couldn't see them!

  • Hi all
    Just catching up on here as not had time lately. It is great to read of everyone doing these races. I did the Abroath one several years in a row and really enjoyed it. Also have done the Alloa so good luck to all doing it. Not fit enough yet this year to attempt anything yet. Great Cal is a good run but I renamed it the Great Cal Walk as the hill at about 1.1/2k was a killer with a lot of people walking it. Hope to manage some runs soon and as I have lost track over the last few years if anyone knows of any races that would be good in about 2 - 3 months let me know (can't do Balmoral as am on holiday) I live in Fife so something not to far away.
  • Hello- I'm new to this thread too. I'm in Edinburgh and a fairly new runner (about 1 year). I am laid low with a stonking cold right now so not been out all this week. I'm aiming for Edinburgh Marathon in June- I don't see many people mentioning it! Any reason? I've previously done Glasgow 1/2M, Race for Life 5K and Capital City Challenge 10K and most recently Silverstone 1/2M ( I think that's where I picked up the cold!). Like the sound of Alloa but with my cold may not get back to it in time.
  • hi kitty there is a thread on the events section about the edinburgh marathon, I am doing the paris marathon on april the 6th my first one and as the day draws nearer i am filled with a mixture of fear exictement and relief that soon the long training runs will be over for a little while at least.
  • Hi there onechop. I am also doing Paris. How is the training going. I managed 20 miles today and knees a little sore now. Only 4 weeks to go. Hope to get 2 23milers before then.
  • Hello Kitty
    Im doing the Edinburgh,in june I've
    a bit of catching up to do,"training"
    Hi Robert,OneChop
    Good luck in Paris,I've never ran
    abroad before,quite fancy it mind you,
    Maybe next year,Has anyone done Paris
    or another "foreign"before.....R.D.
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