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  • Hi I am from Glasgow(south side)I am training for London but I am not nearly doing enough.I think I will have to lower my expectations about my finishing time.I ran through Old Kilpatrick last week in the Balloch to Clydebank half did you do it?Good luck in Paris and i may see you around

  • hi robert,ronan's dad and steven hope your training is all going well. Robert you sound like you are aiming for a better time than me. To date i have run two 18 milers and am doing a 20 next week followed by a 1/2 marathon then taper and i would be delighted to break 4 hrs in paris. What are you aiming for this is my first marathon i have been running since last may done 3 1/2's,2 10k's and one 10 miler looking forward to paris as i said looking to beat 4hrs but in truth if i survive i will be grateful.
  • Dear All

    Just to let you know that the SAF seems to have updated their webpages with the Summer season... now you can plan your summer races...
  • There's also a charity race at Inchmarlo, Ballater on 7 June in aid of Anthony Nolan Trust. Race is 10K and you'd be running alongside the cast of Emmerdale. For further info, check out and go to the fundraising bit - you'll get contact details for George, the regional fundraiser.
  • mc
    just received my no. for the blackpool marathon 197. this will be my 3rd time for this race, it is very flat but it can be very windy, i will be hoping for 4hrs.
    going to the BARCELONA MARATHON this weekend then rest for a couple of days,before light training again.
  • mc
    there is a thread for the BLACKPOOL MARATHON
    taking names and no. of the runners and there appears to be quite a few running in both races.
  • Hi kg

    I've never run a marathon before, and as on Saturday my long run is 13 miles.
    I've the Inverness 1/2 on Sunday to do, then i'll step up the training for Blackpool. I went to Blackpool about 5 years ago in my student days but got very drunk and don't remember much. It could be a similar situation this time if i can get round in one piece.
    Good luck in Barcelona.
  • hi all
    thought i would join in!
    did 1st race last year Race for Life in Edinburgh.Have kept running although really slow.However doing 5k again and Glasgow 10k then hopefully Great Scottish run in september.So at the moment huffing and puffing roung the streets trying to run alternate days.
  • Hi all. I also want to break 4hrs Onechop. Have done 2 marathons before. Managed 358 in London but clock time was over 4hrs so it would be good to get official time under this.
  • Results fro the BUPA Murrayfield Hospital Lasswade 10 are on (click on Results/LAC Annual 10 mile Road Race/2003).

    Well done to all forumites I know who took part - Bruce S, Ketih Scott, Stevie Boy, CC and The Bevster, you guys did exceptionally well given the conditions, especially on the hill. Sorry if I have missed anyone else out.

    Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet up with you at the end. I managed to get the lead car job and was still getting over meeting a fire engine on the single track road at the dip and blind bend at 5.5 miles (so much for advance warning letters to residents and risk assessments!!!). Glad you enjoyed the race and hopefully we'll meet up sometime. I'm thinking of doing the Dunbar Boundary Race next month though haven't done too much training so far.
  • Hi Wee Col

    I'm sure we'll get the chance to meet someday... but thanks for your help with the race... I always try and make a point and say thanks to the marshalls on the day as I know that if it wasn't for people like you, it would be very difficult to hold a race.. so all help was appreciated...

    Now, its onwards and upwards.. Inverness next - many forumites doing this one?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'm injured so I can't do Inverness, but have volunteered to help out at registration and checking people's numbers after they have crossed the line. Look forward to meeting some of you there.
  • To Nessie, sorry to hear you are injuried. Hope to see you at registration. Looking forward to a good race and meeting a few formites.

    Happy running.
  • Stu92Stu92 ✭✭✭
    One other race that isn't on the SAF list is the Ythan Challenge. I was thinking of doing it this year, has anyone raced here before? Could be tough, especially if it's raining.
  • just found this thread.. I'm in Edinburgh. Running the Alloa 1/2 in a few weeks, then FLM. After that I'll be doing the Glasgow womens 10k. proud to be Scottish!!!!
  • Best of luck all those going to Inverness 1/2....I am race no 79 but can't go cos Im scared to ask my wife for her blessing. Its 200 miles away from Gourock and want to work Sunday to pay for Aprils monster month. However she may be more forgiving after I take her to Paris. There, over a lovely bottle of red, I'll gently mention that I won't be home for Rotterdam, Lochaber and Belfast weekends. Oh and just for good measure, Den Haag 1/2 marathon on Saturday in 2.5 weeks time (yes I know that is further away than Inverness). Any Scottish Rotterdamers, I'll be in O'Sheas Irish Pub in Rotterdam on the Fri Prior and Sunday after the Race. See you there.
    Yippee........Regards €€yin
  • I'm also doing the Inverness Half-Marathon. I haven't done that particular race before, but I'm really looking forward to it. Training has gone well after an injury in January, so I'm hoping for a new half-marathon PB. Good luck to all other forum folk taking part. If you feel like saying hi, I'll be wearing number 9 (but whether I'll have the energy for an Alan Shearer style celebration at the end remains to be seen!)
  • Stu92

    The Ythan challenge takes place about 5 miles from where I live. Never been tempted to try it but have heard that it can be a bit dubby, especially if there has been a lot of rain, which there has, but can be good fun if done with a group of friends.

    Another set of races not listed are the Proms 3K series which take place on April 24th/May 1/ May 8 in ABerdeen/Stonehaven/Aberdeen respectively.
  • Stu92

    I did the Ythan Challenge last year and will definitely be back for more this year. It's great fun - especially the hills!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Anyone doing Inverness half on Sunday - I'll be the slightly depressed female with longish dark brown hair, wearing a pink rugby style top/cream suede-ish jacket handing out numbers at registration and scribbling down race numbers at the end of the funnel. Bah, blinking injuries!

    Good luck to everyone lucky enough to be racing this weekend.
  • Nessie.. just get a hat with "I AM NESSIE" - that might solve your identity crisis!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I would if I thought people would understand about my forum problem..........
  • Stu92Stu92 ✭✭✭
    Trish M & Scottiedog,
    Thanks for the reply, I think I'll enter this year's event, and pray for no rain.

    I'll be up in Inverness this week, running the half.
  • I'll yet again be working this weekend ...
    so everyone enjoy ...
    so far still managed to get the Alloa weekend off ... so looking good ..
    Nessie, chin up ... Loch Ness Marathon will be here beore you know it .. and the Glasgow half, and the Galsgow 10k is pretty soon if you want a wee test after the injury sorts itself out .. and I got my number through for the Irvine Race for Life .. along with my pink hat & Large T-shirt last year these things were insultingly small .. humph.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Hi Stu - hope to see you on Sunday.

    Daisy - I was in the Loch Ness Marathon website yesterday and almost entered online, but managed to resist for now at least. I'm planning the Mid Argyll half marathon on 4th May as my next target, if the orthotics do the trick. Glasgow half is a must - I've PB'd all 3 times I've run it! Must send off for the Inverness RFL too - thanks for the reminder!
  • Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend, may see some of you at Inverness.
  • Hi Robert,
    I'm an Edinburgh lad born and bred and I agree there should be more info about us Scottish Runners and Scottish races. You may be right about the climate but I reckon there's a lot more of us out there than you think!

    I'm off to do the Inverness Half this weekend. Always a really good event. Hope to see lots of fellow scottish runners there as well as Welsh, English and everyone else.

    Keep on running!
  • Hi Friends
    Just being catching up
    on the thread,Good luck
    everyone running Inverness,
    keep posting,I always enjoy
    reading the Scottish thread

    Cheers R.D.
  • good luck to all running inverness.
  • Fantastic day for Inverness, no wind, clear and sunny, virtually perfect.
    The course was a bit hillier than i originally thought, i was starting to flag at the 7-8 mile mark but just then the downhill section came into view and i coasted most of the way home. The last mile was very hard but i got home in 1.36
    How did everyone else do?

    P.S thanks to everyone involved organising, it was the best!
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