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  • Not me! (Not after reading Hugh Jones' column a few months back). But I am psyching myself up for Loch Ness...
  • Hi Nessie,
    Out tonight for 1hr 45... it was snowing, again, on top of the 3 inches lying... I was soaking, and the going was pretty tough.. I'm just a wimp. I think the Loch Ness marathon is out this year..but I want to do it .. I have entered the Chicago.. which is October, a bit too close maybe. I may do the Inverness half ... depending on when it is.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    The half is on the 16th of March, so I'm panicking at not being able to get out because of the snow. The forecast for today was another 4-5 inches, but it hasn't appeared yet. I may have to walk the 2.5 miles to the gym to get a shot on the treadmill, as the pavements are too slippy to run on, and I can't even FIND the car!

    If the half is too soon for you, I would recommend the Mid Argyll half (usually the first weekend in May) which is very very flat, and less than 2 hours from your part of the world.
  • greyhond, I missed that article what was in it to put you off the Edinburgh.
  • The half may just be good timing for a long run ... I have no others planned between now and the FLM.. well that I can remember.
    May is the moonwalk and the Glasgow womens 10k, so I think I may be a bit bushed for another half.
  • BUPA Murrayfield Hospital Lasswade 10 Mile Road Race

    Sorry for hijacking this thread but this message will get lost in the events section.

    Race numbers & instructions will be issued towards the end of the month for all who have entered so far.

    (Postal applications close on 21 st of this month but entries will be accepted on the day. Entry forms can be downloaded from or contact the Race Secretary on 0131 663 4697)
  • Meant to add, entries on the day £1.00 extra
  • Looks as if I will be able to do the Lossie half, planning the Inverness half then a marathon at the end of March but still looking for something in the summer time, would like to try a couple of 10k's maybe or another half then the Loch Ness in September.

    If that works out then I will be happy.

    Anyone recommend any runs in June/July?
  • Just done my first 3k race at the Aberdeen Prom. Feeling knackered, but did better than I hoped and now know I can run 3k at under 9 min mile pace, never run that fast before for longer than 800 meters.

    To Sarcy if I hear of any runs will let you know, which area are you looking to run.
  • This one is starting to get lost !!!
    Boing again ...
  • OK lets see where are
  • Look at that, right up there ...
  • You've been busy Daisy.

    Jane M, I am looking for runs anywhere in Scotland really especially down the east side. Thanks.

    Fiona G, if you are still there, what part of the Highlands do you come from?
  • Sarcy, the Aberdeen 10K was held in May last year. I don't know the date for it yet this year. I'll post details on to this thread when I find out.

    It was my first ever 10K last year so I'll certainly be taking part again this year.
  • Hi Sarcy, there is the Moray RR 10k on March 30th, you could get details on their website, there is also a Tartan 10k on April 6th at Fettercairn, Aberdeenshire, which is I think south of Aberdeen not sure where to get details but could find out if you are interested. Look forward to seeing you at one or two of upcoming races.

    Happy running.
  • Thanks PPB and jane, 10 k's sound good. I am doing a marathon at the end of March unfortunately so can't make the Moray or Fettercain ones then. The Aberdeen one sounds good though.
    I've never run a 10k race before. Do you, anyone, do a lot of these or vary the distances you race over the year?
  • You could try the Nairn 10K on the 2nd March - details are on the Forres Harriers website I think. Just got my number for the inverness half, so no excuses now, especially as the snow's gone!
  • Stu92Stu92 ✭✭✭
    Just to note details of the Fettercairn Tartan 10k can be found at
  • Just looked at the site for the Fettercairn 10k and it sounds interesting. As it is Tartan Day runners are expected to run displaying tartan is someway. There will also be a World Record attempt for the 10k by someone wearing a kilt!!!! it will be interesting to see how many runners turn up in the kilt.

    Anyone know where you can get tartan running vest?
  • the grangemouth 10k is this week end is anyone else going to it.
  • I'm going to it kg. Looking to break my 10K PB of 44.19.
    I haven't raced for 7 months and have trained hard through the winter. Looking for sub 42, but i'll settle for the new PB.
    What about yourself?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Entries for the Inverness Half Marathon are closing this weekend (just handed mine in to Roy half an hour ago). So if you are dithering, get on with it.

    Slightly changed route this year, so might be worth doing a recce in the morning before the start.
  • I have a place in the Inverness Half, it will be the first time I have run this one. It looks like a good course, apparently fairly flat.

  • I have my place too, looking forward to it.
  • Me too for Inverness. I just sent the application a couple of days ago so I'm waiting to hear if I'm in. Going by Nessie's words above I should be okay for the entry.
  • Dae ye mind if a nip in here,Im new to the Forum ,havent ran for over a year,Ive entered Edinburgh,June .Enjoying your slant's .......L.A.
  • Hi L.A. I am running in the Edinburgh marathon as well. How's the training going!
  • C.C...Training non existent at the moment ,have a slight back injury hope to start A.S.A.P......Silly question what does "boing" mean .
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