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  • It means - lets get this thread from page 4 to page 1.
  • hello MC
    I will be registering for the grangemouth 10k on the day. my PB 45.50 I would like to beat. I will be wearing my orange MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY top. Hope to see you there.
  • Hi again folks. Anyone doing the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon on March 2nd? Although it is my local race I have never done it so sent off application form today. Hope to see some of you there.
    Training still going ok for Paris marathon. Managed to do 17 miles on Sunday. Aiming for 18 miles this Sunday. I never look forward to these long runs but do feel great once they are over.
  • Am thinking of trying for the Nairn 10k on March 2nd, anyone else been to this one?
  • Sarcy....Sorry still dont understand
  • To be honest, I would like to know what boing does for you too... I keep think Zebeedee has escaped!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Last again

    The "boing" concept is probably best expalined using an example. If you were to go into the Events forum and post a thread on some obscure race that no-one had ever heard of, chances are you would get no replies. At the rate threads are added on the Events forum, your thread would move down page one, onto page 2, then 3, and by the end of the day would be on about page 6. Feeling slightly miffed, you want to see your important message back in it's rightful place at the top of page one, for all to see. The only way to do this is to post something, anything, as another message. This "bounces" the message back to the top, being the thread with the most recent post.

    In true Zebedee fashion, "boing" has become the "in" word for posting, when you don't have anything interesting to say.
  • Thank you Nessie, that's what I meant but being a woman you went into more detail and explained it beautifully.

    If anyone still doesn't get it then try this - go to page 10 on the General thread, pick any of the topics there, type in anything, submit it. Click on the General tab again and ta da! the thread is now on page 1. Boing!!
  • Nessie, you've summed up my problem with the boing phenomemon: "when you don't have anything interesting to say".

    Come on folks, if you want page one status, say something. Throw in some additional comment. Tell a joke. Correct the spelling mistakes you made first time round. Get on your soap-box and put the world to rights. Moan about how your self-esteem has been crushed by the way your carefully thought-out posting has faded into the Forum backwaters. Poke fun at someone you know who has a really bad haircut. Let Berti Vogts know where he's going wrong. List your top five Kylie Minogue songs... Anything! Just be imaginative, otherwise someone might see a new posting, think "Oh, there's that obscure race again - I wonder what they're saying about it now?", read it, then swear loudly when they see that the originator of the thread has just typed "boing".

    There. I have spoken. I'm also doing the Nairn 10K this year. I had planned to do it a couple of years ago but it was cancelled because of foot'n'mouth.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Correct all the spelling mistakes? I don't have the time!

    I might see you at Nairn - if I get back from Finland in one piece.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Correct all the spelling mistakes? I don't have the time! Same goes for Bertie Vogts.....

    I might see you at Nairn - if I get back from Finland in one piece.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
  • I'm planning the Nairn 10k too, unless work messes it up for me.
  • Who's still going to Lossiemouth this weekend.

    Going to Arboarth on March 2nd to do the Smokies 10 mile for ladies.

    Then off to do the Inverness Half Marathon after that.

    Training will be maintence only, any suggestions regarding minimun mileage appreciated.

    After the above three races I am going to try and run a 10k in 60 mins, so looking around for a few to do.
  • It's OK Nessie, you can say butter in here, we're not talking about nutrition. Might do the Nairn 10k, but weather permitting I'll be down at Kinlochleven the day before for a 14 mile hill race, so I might be passing on Nairn after that.
  • Hi all,(esp. Robert) despite my name I'm very much Scottish. Our club website posts newsletters with race info if that helps, Robert. You'll find us on
    We're holding national X/C championships at Linwood 22/2/03 if interested?
    I'll be marshalling, not running as I've ITBS. I'm completely impartial & cheer everyone on!
  • BA-DOING!!!!!!!!!!

    (like boing but with more enthusiasm)
  • I have downloaded and filled out the 'Universal entry form' for the Arbraoth Ladies 10, but I haven't posted it yet, think it's because I have never ran a 10 mile race, and only ever cover such a long distance when doing the 'Long run', slowly and painfully. oh and half marathons... they tend to de slow and painful too. I cant imagine anything worse than trying to run 10 miles quickly !!!
  • Now on a more interesting note... ha ha
    I am trying to up my speed training, as per marathon schedule. So went along to the gym with very tech thingy treadmills. Now my PB over 10k is 54 mins. I was trying to run 400 in 110 secs, and 1600m in 8 mins 30. The closet I got to any of these times was outside 40 secs. Cursing all the way home, I'm sure those fangled things can't work out distance & speed.
  • Then being more rational, what if it is just that I am way too slow... and my speed training is in fact just my usual plod... and the machines really aren't to blame.
    Ahh well ... I'll try again this week, it can only get better ......
  • Daisy Duke

    No, I blame the machines. I got very disheartened in mt local gym pounding away on the treadmill for what seemed like hours only to discover I'd only run a couple of km. I also think treadmill running is a good deal harder than outside running (especially when the gym has the temperature turned up to 20C).
  • You must be going to the Galleon too then ... I feel like I cant breath and struggle like hell ... this is not true of outdoors ....where at the moment I just freeze ..
    I decided to go out on the bike (friday) I was frozen .. not just cold... that is easy ... 1 hour and hot bath later ears ands toes .. still numb !!!
  • Daisy Duke,
    I agree with you and greyhound, I find it hard to run on a treadmill. I have been doing quite a bit of it over the winter, and find after about 30 mins I start to overheat and it becomes a real struggle to maintain any sort of pace. What always amazes me is how many people seem to exercise in the gym wrapped up in several layers! I suppose it says something about their workrate.

    At the moment the weather outside on the east coast (Dundee) is great for running. Went for my long run yesterday morning with my running partner, and it was superb, cold, but no wind.
  • I'm so relieved to see the above comments on treadmills. Never mind the advice to "incline the treadmill to +1% to mimic running outside", I prefer "incline treadmill to -5%" to make it bearable. And I'm amazed at the number of people who put on more layers of clothing to exercise.

    Unfortunately the wind in the east is now getting up a bit but I'll still be heading out rather than onto the dreaded treadmill.
  • What's the problem with the treadmill? if you have the choice it is usually better out in the fresh air but they do have their uses. Good for intervals, accurate measurement of distance and time, if the weather is bad or you have to use them they are good for the concentration, running on one for more than 30 mins and up to 1 1/2 hrs does the concentration the world of good (mind you it helps if you have good music/t.v./attractive women in the gym too.

    Stop the anti-treadmill thing, they can be your friend too.
  • Never mind the 1%, go for 2 or 3% instead.
  • Anyone else do the Grangemouth 10K today? KG how did you get on?
    Sorry to brag but i managed 41.59 by my watch. Thats a new PB by over 2 minutes.
    I'm shattered now though.
    Hopefully i can break the 40 minute barrier at one of the polaroid races in the summer.
  • Sarcy, I am not against treadmills, I use them a lot and they have a lot going for them as you say. The problem is that the gym is generaly too hot, which makes it difficult to get the best out of them. My gym also has a one hour limit on the machines.
  • To Matthew, well done on getting a PB. Did the Lossiemouth Half and also go a PB. Get day for running.

    I only use treadmills when necessary, prefer to run out doors but use the treadmill on snowy days and on my gym days.
  • Matthew, Jane, Well done to both of you getting PB's
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