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  • Morning Tri: I'm baffled by the morning medical report.image Glad you're okay anywayimage

    Early all the best for sundays race. 'Enjoy'image hill at start...

  • Tri - good that you are healing. Pity about potential of osteoporosis developing. Hopefully the running will help that. If you do get given HRT I have heard that it can take a while to get one that suits, so you just have to speak up and get them to keep changing it.

    Ooh, I know that Stewarton Rd hill well. Run that on many a hot Thursday evening.

  • Tri - good that they'll be keeping an eye on your bone density, guess more scans to follow it up in the future.

    Just being nosy now - what do you do?

    Still blowing a gale here, fed up with this "summer", had an awful run last night, into a big wind when i was tired after work - just wanted to turn round and come home but struggled on in the end. very slowimage

    Oops, best go to work now - have a good day folks.

  • Take care Tri chick, compression fracture sounds horrid image. Glad you are healing.

    Good luck all of tonights racers.

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Trichick-Oops,-So at least you know you had good justification for taking a little while to get over your accident. Lots of running should help with the bone density, as long as you don't get too low body- weight wise.

    Dumbarton tonite- hmm- feel really sluggish this morning, hope I perk up by then!

    Sposed to be getting hot-this evening- but there's no evidence of that looking from my office window!

  • It doesn't quite feel like a tropical paradise yet.  Apparently we're getting one whole day of sunshine.  That'll be a nice day to be working, then. 

    Sorry, I'm clearly in miserable barstard mode this morning.  Really not in the mood for racing tonight, and quite anxious.  But I'll be pissed off with myself if I don't at least give it a try. 

    Tri - was the osteoperosis a concern before the accident, or do they think any of it is related to what happened?  That sounds like quite a heavy-going appointment.  Did you feel disheartened, or okay?

    TP - yes, I've heard of that too.  I remember looking it up and seeing there was a cut off point of 27 hours to get through one of the checkpoints!  Just thinking about it was enough for me.   

  • Hail Hail

    Tri - HRT?  You're getting hot flushes at your time of life?image  Come from hanging out with certain hill runners I guess.  Knudge knudge wink wink!

    Good luck to any and all at Dumbarton.  I'll be there on my bike shouting at and supporting.  Legs not quite in 10k shape after Edinburgh just yet.

  • Very sunny and warm in Dundee today - I was at work, but lovely walk home.
    Good luck on Sunday Tri chick.
  • evening image

    FFB thanks for the info image

    Elspeth, I'm a nurse, work in plastics image Yeah they'll be keeping an eye on things basically just to make sure my bone density doesnt drop off.

    Tricia, no worries on the weight front image (at least not these days image)...

    IJ, yeah it kinda was, investigations have been ongoing due to my years of anorexia as a pre teen and through my teens. Recovered now and it seems body has done a lot of "catching up" over my 20s.

    RB cheeky sod image

    Alison, thanks image

    Hope all the Dumbarton runners got on ok image

    Not a bad day - ok morning was hellish but we managed to catch up somewhat! image
    Study day tomorrow - not sure if thats good or bad image

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Back from dumbarton...........................lovely and warm , sunny, almost too hot, after last 2 week's cold miseable weather.

    Think I improved my time- wahey!!image..............

    by 2 seconds over last week image- seems a lot of work for 2 seconds......... OH well.

    Not going to go sub- 49 this year, then. Ah well.- the result of my advancing years? or just not trying hard enough?- I certainly didn't get to the point of near -collapse like at the first one, so either I'm getting fitter, or I'm not trtying as hard. Dunno.

  • well done Tricia image
  • Well done. There's lots of this year left - I think you can do it.
  • Just stuck my head in to catch up. Been in London and away to Perthshire tomorrow. Appears every one is getting more running in than me. Normal service will be resumed next week image

    Oh and Tri I got similar diagnosis viz my bones ten years ago but running and HRT has got them to normal state for a 52 year old woman so hopefully will do the same for you

  • Back in from Dumbarton and finished the fish supper so I thought I'd catch up here. Met Kirsty G at the end and RB was as good as his word with plenty of vocal support - I'll blame the moral boost I got from him on my wee "surge" at 7k, followed by burn out at 9k. image

    Have to be happy with my progress over last couple of weeks dropping from 49 mins to 46.31 last week and 46.20 tonight. Just need to find a bit of stamina to finish at 7.20 miles...or something.

    Well done all runners tonight, bit of a sweat on in that sun, but I have to say that my free polaroid specs were great - even if I look like a poseur in them.

    Stay well TC and "rest" enough too image

    Really enjoyed MoK half last weekend and can't recommend it highly enough. Absolutely brilliant atmosphere and great organisation - if not for the wind and the sea water in my shoes for the 2nd half I might have enjoyed it more and posted a better time. Happy to be under 2 hours all things considered, but always hoping for better.
  • I meant morale boost. Not moral image
  • well done Ally image

    Im all good, "resting" where/when necessary image

    off to bed now image

  • Morning you lot

    Tricialitt a pb is a pbimage

    Cracking sunny and warm morning. I saw a deer, just outside our house this morning. Legs recovering at moment  from fartlek session.

  • morning.

    leaving early this morning as going to glasgow uni for a course today.

    the sun is shining so a nice cycle to the west end should be nice. hopefully back in time for spin later and may run then certainly if Im not back in time for spin and the weather is still nice image

    speaking to mortgage people later today as well. all go image

  • Morning Tri: Enjoy your course and  'all the best' speaking to the morgage people too
  • Morning all

    Ran at dumbarton last night in the scorchin heat and got a PMPB of 46.51 - was happy to sneak under the 47 mins but still a long way to go to get back to where I was.

    Was good to meet you Ally Mac - RB told me you were just up ahead but i couldn't find the pace to catch you.  RB has the loudest voice which is great for motication, don't know if i'd have gone under 47 if he wasnt there.

    Half day on a Friday for me!!!!!!! So off to run at Strathclyde Park at lunch then out for dinner. Rouken Glen 10k this Sunday for me.

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Well done to the others at Dumbarton. Sore toe today- blister under toenail again -will have to do a bit of DIY foot surgery (green smiley).

    Wow- summer is here- so now we can moan about the heat, rather than the rain!

    Rouken glen is a hilly one, isn't it?- I'm starting mara trainig, so long run for me this weekend.

  • Well done Ally Mac and Kirsty G image As someone who has only ever managed a sub 50 10k once I am well impressed and in awe.

    Hope the mortgage dealings go well tri. We have that coming in a month or so as we come off a fixed rate, plus we want to borrow more to cover the youngest baby bunnies last 2 years of school fees. So, could lead to soem interesting discussions lol.

    So, no training yesterday evening as I was baking cup cakes to bring into work imageimage No training tonight as i will be preparing food, including more cakes, for get together with friends tomorrow for my birthday image, no training tomorrow cos, guess what, more food preparations and much needed trip to hairdresser, Sunday training may be questionable depending on amount of bubbly consumed and how late things finish imageimageimage.

    Hmmm, maybe I am not taking this ultra training lark seriously enough image I really must learn to stop catering my own celebrations .....

  • Hail Hail

    Nice easy 8M at lunchtime followed by approx 25M on the bike out to D'ton and around the course last night.  Was quite tempted to chance my arm for an on the day entry, but doubt I would have managed to go sub 40 after the run and bike.  So really enjoyed myself by supporting and shouting various folk - think i know too many runners image

    Tri - sorry, I couldnt resist!

    FFB - ultra training?  Which one? 

    Talking of which, its a day off, so I'm off to run anywhere from 20M to 30M.  Vest and shades.  Fun in the sun!

  • scorchio this morning.image  is this our two day summer finally arriving? fantastic morning for a run and enjoyed a quick 6.4miles. hope the good weather holds for the longer run at the weekend.

     well done to all our Dumbarton 10k'ers. all good times there. haven;t done an official 10k since i left melbourne. might need to try and get one lined up.

    have a good friday!!

  • Happy Friday!

     Eventually managed to get a couple of weeks decent running in, so now I feel much better.  Things have just been such a pain since the start of the year with work, minor ailments and family commitment pressure - but who cares, the weather is nice and I am out running again!

    Some really good training and racing going on here, don't think I will be racing until September at the earliest, but I may try a Park Run if I can.

    Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the weather while it lasts (it won't be for long!!).

  • PB's tumbling all around by the sound of it!! Well doneimage

    Summer here today - may be only for today so going to make the most of it!

  • RB - Clyde Stride. Dipped my toe into the world of the ultra last year when i did the inaugural Clyde Stride. Almost got the wooden spoon (2nd last) imageimage But at least finished it. So decided to have another crack at it this year and try to learn from my mistakes. Plus not doing all the marathons either side of it this year, so hopefully will be less tired. problem is I was injured over the winter and had to take some time out and then it has taken a while to get back into things so i am a bit touch and go with the the mileage. Fingers crossed.
  • Morning all

    Glorious for a run in a bit image.

    Well done Kirsty, Ally and Tricia image.

    Happy Birthday for tommorrow FFB imageimage

    Good luck with the mortgage negotiations Tri chick.

    Have a good weekend everyone, good luck at Rouken Glen for those that go image.

    No racing for me in June, taking this as a recovery and training month, ready for July 3rd marathon imageimage.

  • Oh, its nice out there... Please, sun, don't go away tomorrow.  England doesn't need you right now. 

    Or, more accurately: rain, fuck off to Essex.

    Anyway... I'm still on a bit of a high.  Completed my first 10K and got under 50 chip time (gun time 50:01 - yeah, I know! and chip time 49:29 - guess which one I'm counting?).  I think with a bit more experience of the distance, and balancing my effort over it that could come down a bit. 

    Tricia, I ran a fair bit of it behind someone who looked rather like your avatar.  And that seems kind of likely, given the time.  Were you wearing a dark blue top?  I guess someone shouting "TRICIA" behind you wouldn't have been all that helpful anyway.  Congratulations on the PB!

    Woke up early this morning, and kept thinking about it.  I guess if you're going to lie awake thinking, its good to do it about nice things.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FFB!  And good luck with Clyde.  I'm completely wimping out, and trying to focus on shorter distances for a little while.  Total respect to you for doing it.  image

    Ally, Kirsty, good times - well done.  Ally, there was someone in a Garscube Harriers top who I kept passing/being passed by.  I wondered if it was you, but you'd have been about half a mile ahead, so I guess not.

    Tri - good luck with the medical stuff.  And the mortgage people!

    Enjoy the sun, people.  Apparently its hotter in Glasgow today than it is at the core of the Earth.  So, that's nice, isn't it?  Yes, it is.  More, please. 

  • Oh, and welcome back Gillian.  How was London?
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