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  • Hi Robert, you haven't by any chance got a brother called Ross?
  • Daisy Duke, there's always a massive turn out for the Alloa Half, as it's usually held 3 weeks before the London marathon. I have'nt got the precise day and time to hand but will keep youy posted.
    Alloa is just east of Stirling and the race headquarters are in Lornshill Academy with good showers and changing facilities.
    Beware! of the hill at 11 miles (it's not the incline but the length, it seems to last untill mile 13)
  • Joe Bloggs is leading the local 10km race with 500m to go.
    Suddenly, a ham joint is thrown at him from the crowd. With only 200m to go a jar of pickled onions is tossed in front of him.
    Coming into the closing straight he is suddenly bombarded by Christmas crakers, Cranberry sauce and a huge cooked turkey.
    This slowed Joe to snails pace and he was unfortunately overtaken on the line.
    Being interviewed afterwards, Joe was asked how he was defeated.
    "Ah well, ye see - I WAS HAMPERED AS I CROSSED THE LINE" (Boom Boom)
  • Sarcy,

    I'm contemplating the Nairn 10km this weekend - but I had a nasty bout of food poisoning at the weekend and on the basis of today's run amn't back to full strength yet. If I do run, it will be as a speed session rather than anything more ambitious.

    I've done this race 2 or 3 times before - it can be a fast course, but the weather can play havoc with the potential for very strong headwinds in the first half.
  • Hi again folks. Yep I am running the Balloch half. My number is 146 - give me a wave if u see me. Also I do not have any brothers.
  • Alloa 1/2 is on the 23/03, 10am Start

    Contact Details

    Tel: - 01259 720220
    email: -


    PS If I was as smart as I think I am I would have been able to post a link here!!
  • Hi Robert,

    My race number is 237. Maybe see you there, good luck for Sunday
  • greyhound, what is more ambitious than a speed session? You must be on for a very good time if you are thinking like that, hope the poisoning thing clears up soon. Are you going as part of a club? I think I will be giving my URWFRC top an airing, might see you there.
  • Hi

    Hs anyone heard of/ran the Tom Scott Memorial 10 Mile Road Race? It runs from Law to Motherwell 6/04/03. I came across it whilst looking for up coming events and wondered if it was recommended.
  • hi mrs mac
    i ran the tom scott a few years ago now used to run it every yearwhen i was right in to running in the last 2years have fell away a bite but getting back in to it,it isa fast course lot of down hill on it it was 6 in it and win the team prize when i ran with motherwell will really enjoy it.

    all the best alan
  • Out of curiosity, how many of you are members of running clubs.

    If you are, which club are you in?

    If you're not, what put's you off joining a club?
  • hi alan
    i used to be a member of motherwell distric before i fell away from running for a few years but now that i am getting back in to it i will be going back to the club in a few weeks when i feel fit enough.

  • Calling Alan,
    Im not a member of a club,
    I thought about it once,nearly
    joined Shettleston,
    My reason for not joining a club,
    is I like the challenge of doing
    it off my own back.After Edinburgh,
    (June)when I hopefully can achieve
    a good time, I may then join a club
    and get some decent training,
    (and who knows, what then might happen)

    Rónán's Dad
  • Hello friends,
    Im also quite interested in the "Tom Scott"
    event,any further imformation welcomed,
    e.g.Date/method of entry.

    Rónán's Dad
  • I used to run for Ayr Seaforth ohh.. about 22 years ago ...
    fell away at a bad age !! think I got to Intermediate !!
    now run for myself .. and thought about going back .. but know I am far too slow ...
    I cant run the Lasswade 10 (work) so it definately looks like Alloa
  • Thanks for response.

    As an active member of a club (Greenock Glenpark)I'm always amazed why so many runners are reluctant to join a club.
    Every club in Scotland is absolutely desperate for new blood whether your 9 or 90, 8st or 18st.
    Scunner - Good to see your thinking of returning to Motherwell.
    Ronin's Dad - As a father of three (including two 4yr old boys nicknamed the Kray twins) I find the club is the only thing that keeps me from going mad at times.
    PS. Tom Scott is definitely on Sunday 6th April. I'll try and get details for you.
    Daisy Duke - Most clubs are gagging (pardon the pun) for new female members. At our club, we've tried and failed, even though the number of recreational female runners has gone through the roof in recent years.

  • to all thinking of doing the tom scott on the 6th of april here is a link in to the site run by law and distric .
    that should show you all you need to know
    cheers scunner and all the best.
  • hi
    i for got to say pick the link that says law and distric ac and that will take to the site of the organisers and also you can get a form from there to.

  • Hi everyone, completed the Arbroath Smokies Ladies 10 mile today. Tough course but the sun shining made it more bearable as did the terrific goodie bag at the end of the race which included a bottle of red wine which I am going to sample tonight.

    How did everyone else get one with their races?
  • did the balloch to clydebank 1/2 marathon today in 1:41.great weather for running and quite a large turnout.

    complaint:- no water at both of the water stations (ran out). luckly i had a water bottle with me so made do with that, but if i wasn't quick enough to get to water before it ran out god knows how the runners that were running behind me managed.

  • Hi Folks. Also ran the Balloch Half today but dissapointed with my time,1:47(that will teach me not to drink lots of alcohol and do without decent food before a race). Great weather for running. Wish I had taken water on the run with me because did not get any at eithere water stop or at the end. Was really good to meet Ellie and Running Tim before the race. Hope u r happy with your time Ellie and that u get fit soon Tim.
  • Hi Robert and Matt, my time was 1:52 which I'm happy with. We ran back to Dumbarton after as part of our training for London. Really pissed off there was no water on route, also there was no water left at end of race. Glad to meet up with you Robert and also Running Tim, hope your back running soon.
  • Jane M

    I ran Smokie 10 in 80:43, a bit disappointed but it was a tough course. How did you get on? I thought it was a well organised race and would definately do it again.
    Scunner - Is there a big turnout for the Tom Scott?
  • Hi Mrs Mac. Well done with your time I did it in 1hr 46min 50sec which is nearly 2 mins slower than the last 10 mile run. I was pleased with my time as it was a tough course and was glad to have run the whole way even up the hill that was 2 miles long !!!!!

    The prizes were good as was the goodie bag, did you get a spot prize.
  • Ellie and Robert Darroch, thanks for the encouragement hope to have a crack at the Alloa half later this month.
    I think that the organisers of the Balloch to Clydebank must have been caught unawares by the large turn out hence the lack of water.

  • Hi everyone!
    I only signed on here a few days ago but I thought I'd, belatedly, answer the call for Scottish runners based as I am in Edinburgh.
    I'm not surprised at the number of posts here though knew there was loads of us out there, a lot of you seem way more professional and organised than I am.
    I've only ran for the last 6, 7 months and I've yet to run any races.

    I did enter the Lasswade 10mile on Sunday but I've had to pull out, dammit!
    Any recommendations for races over the summer? (barring the Edinburgh marathon, no way can I do that yet!)
  • er, name at bottom! oops!

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Hi Julz, welcome!

    The Race for Life series of 5k races are excellent for first races, as they are very friendly. The Britannic Asset Management 10k in Glasgow in May is also very popular (although I've never done it myself). If you want a bigger aim, the Great Scottish Run (half marathon) in Glasgow in September is a great event.
  • Hi Julz,
    Welcome to the forum.

    I would also recomend the Great Scottish Run in September, well supported and organised.

    Happy running.
  • Hey Up Julz,
    Welcome Aboard.
    I notice you've still to run a race. If you fancy a good run the 'Gartmorn 6' is being held this Sunday (9th) at Carsebridge, Sauchie (near Alloa). It's only 6 mile and is organised by the local running club and to top it all their committee put on a cracking feed after the run (that’s the best bit of the day).

    There is a limit of 200 runners although last year there was only 160 took part (slowest runner taking 77mins). Looking at the entry form the now it costs £5 on the day (£7 for non SAF members). Entries close at 10:15 and the race starts at 10:30.

    Just one idea for you or anybody else who wants to give it a shot to think about.

    Cheers Barry
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