ARRRGGHHH - This one REALLY peeved me off!

BBC News

Story about an 11-year old girl who threw a stone at some boys who were pelting her with water balloons - and how she was/is being treated like a serious criminal!!!

This is childhood behaviour - for crying out loud, I did worse as a teenager and nothing ever came of it (and I was a better behaved child than many)

This is ridiculous, I am really genuinely peeved off with this, and I hope that any judge that hears this case throws it out and pays the girl's family compensation from the state for this ordeal they've had to go through. What a stupid bl**dy overreaction!


  • incredible
  • It doesn't only happen over there. A friend of mine who is a supply teacher was accused of headbutting a pupil. He went through a year of hell before it came to court and the judge threw it out because the prosecution evidence was insufficient - mainly because he hadn't touched the boy!
  • Wonder if the fact she's an Hispanic immigrant has anything to do with it?

    Wonder who the boys were? And their connections to any authorities?

    MisterW - that's one thing no government has ever got its head round. Guilty unti proven innocent.

    In those cases the accuser and their family ought to be named and shamed. Might make them think twice before trying to get some easy compensation by making up lies. They could try earning some cash like the rest of us.
  • Unbelievable.
  • insane....
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