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Does anyone know of any exercise kit that is made for the more muscular woman? I am 5' 8" and just over 11 stone and about a size 12-14.

The problem is that larger sizes are too big (I am not fat, just broad) and with smaller sizes very often the armholes or sleeves are too tight, or the shirt is too small across the back. It is mainly tops that are the problem, but I find getting swimming costumes difficult also.

Any suggestion?



  • try concurve ... seems to fit nicely and I am similar build!!
  • I find Nike fits well (I swim and arms/shoulders are a bit broad...tummy is just chocolate shaped!)

    For swim suits, try speedo's endurance range - they have lycra in, but are more resistant to chlorine and snags than most. They are a firm fit (not so much lycra as other suits). I've swum since I was a kid and ever since I got into adult size suits have never managed to work out the sizing.

    I start by picking out a size 3 up from my bra size and that usually fits well (so my Speedo is a size 40, but I take a 34 bra)
  • Try website. Lots of choice, and they stock the quality brands that are difficult to find in the High Street.
  • Thanks for the suggestions.

    Funny, but the cossie that I currently own is a speedo endurance size 40. It 'just' fits, but was better than anything else.

  • And travel!

    I am Dutch, 5'9.5", 11.5 stone, wide shouldered, size 12/14 bottom, 16 top.
    I have found that British sizes very often don't fit, while it seems easier to buy things when I am over in the Netherlands. My body shape is more common there than it is here apparently.

    And I often buy mens sizes for tops.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    a big difference between men's vests and women's vests is that the armholes are much larger for men's vests, so that might be worth trying?
  • And men's stuff has long enough sleeves! :)

  • 'roos - I lived in Antwerpen for years and so most of my kit is from there. There was no problem getting anything to fit for me either.

    The problem with men's stuff is that tops are too narrow at the bottom hem. I can never get them over my hips! I do buy men's tights though.

  • If you are near to London go to SheActive in Covent Garden. They have loads of brands and sizes in there, be warned though it is impossible to go in there and not come out with less then 2 bags full, I love that shop!
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