Racing up to a Marathon

This is my first year of running the FLM. I have booked myself in to a number of races leading up to the marathon and I am not sure if I am entering too many or too few! I have entered the following;

Dartford 10 Miler Jan 19th
Tungridge Wells Half Feb 23rd
Hasting Half Mar 16th
Darent Valley 10K Apr 6th

I am following the immediate schedule.
Any advice or this would be greatly appreciated!


  • Not sure I'd want to race a 10k one week beforehand - ok for a jog round I guess.

    March 23rd has the Worthing 20 if you feel up to that, some would say three weeks before FLM is a bit close.
  • Hi Iain.

    My marathon schedule says to do an 8 mile run on the Sunday before the Marathon, so I was going to use the Darent Valley 10K as that run and do it at training session pace not race pace, the only reason I was have enterted is because it is on my doorstep.
  • Longlegs,

    I should think thats fine. You're being very sensible about the 10k the week beforehand, and so long as you've done the long runs, remained un-injured from the races and start carbo loading on the Monday before London - I don't see why your race schedule shouldn't be okay!

    The weekend before my last marathon I ended going for a 20 miler (contrary to all advice given) as I'd been so injured I just needed to know I could get round 20 miles. Come the day, still a bit unsure, I stuck to my race plan and pb'ed.

    If it works for you then go for it is I guess what I'm saying! :-).

    BTW There is a 20 miler in Essex on the 2.2 or is this too soon for your scedule?
  • Hi LL, I'm not an expert but from my training or lat years FLM I recal that the most important run is the weekly long run. These build up to 20 or 22 miles for the Intermediate I think and are all about getting time on your feet and practicing drinking and eating on the run. So long as the races do not replace a scheduled long run then you should be fine and I believe all the schedules include a half at some stage in the plan.

    All of which reminds me, I'd better get down to Smiths and buy the latest RW and check up on my schedule

    ATB jenks
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