Waterproof mobile phone holder

I've been looking for a waterproof mobile holder for a while, but I don't like stuff on my waist and would prefer an elasticated arm-strap (upper arm, not wrist)

I found this:

, which looks pretty good. Does anyone know of anything better or cheaper along the same lines? An extra pocket for keys would be ideal.



  • looks a bit over-chunky for just a mobile.

    have seen similar things for phones in millets i think.
  • Thanks ed m - I did think that, but I'm fairly chunky myself so the size doesn't bother me too much, it looks like I should be able to fit keys or other stuff in too.

    The ones I've see in camping shops haven't been waterproof, and are usually on a belt rather than an arm strap. Millets website don't have anything.
  • hmm thought i was getting deja-vu

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