Who are you running for?

Just thought it would be interesting to know which charities we are running for.

I'm running for Wateraid, and would like to hear of anyone else who is on the team.


  • I'm running for PDSA, ran for Cancer Research last year at FLM but thought I'd help the animals this time.

    Good luck!
  • We are running for Phab
    Helping able bodied and disabled people intergrate with equal opportunities
  • I'm running for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer foundation - any more of ROys Runners out there?
  • Undecided as yet - I normally run for the Birtish Epilepsy Association (Epilepsy Action) and they're the top choice, but I'm doing the Moonwalk a month after FLM and don't want to overdo the sponsorship thing with friends and rellies. I might end up doing both for the same charity to simplify things.
  • i'm running for addaction - they are a UK charity working on drug/alcohol issues, including education, prevention, harm reduction and HIV prevention.

    like many others, i deliberately chose an issue that i have a personal stake in - my work involves doing research on preventing drug and alcohol related harm, and identifying suitable interventions.

  • running for clic, but not in a deep sea divers costume!!!.
  • I am running for MACS which is a charity supporting children who are born with no eyes or malformed eyes. I am aiming to raise about a thousand pounds. Hope everyones training is going to plan, stay injury free. I think we all are doing something really great. Raising money for all these deserving charities and running 26.2 miles to do it is a real achievment. I feel really excited to be running again, the 2002 FLM was brilliant, Roll on April 13 and good luck everyone!!!!
  • Cheers Billie

    very best of luck to you also in your training and fund raising. We are looking at the frost on the ground this morning and trying to motivate ourselves for our 9 mile run today! Good luck to all! See you at the start April 13th!
  • Snap! 9 miles too, Frosty here as well, but dont ya just feel great when you get home??!!
  • I'm running for Headway, the charity that supports people with brain injuries. Like many others I have a personal reason for this. A sparky, funny, outgoing mother of three children was hurt in a freak accident, and the lives of my brother and his family changed in an instant.

    It makes it easier to motivate myself for the 7 miles I'm due to do today when I think of why I'm doing this.

    Who else is on the Headway team?
  • i'm doing it for the National Asthma Campaign, again for personal reasons. I've been asthmatic all my life, albeit mildly.
  • I'm running for the South West Children's Hospice. Did my 11 miler yesterday and couldn't feel my fingers for the first half of the run. It's been a long time since I was that cold!
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