Went to the new Sweatshop in Bristol on Monday. Slightly disappointed in their stock but it is early days yet.

Think I will stick to Easy Runner.


  • Really?

    I went on Saturday and was very impressed with the 20% discount! I agree that it's a bit short on accessories but it was a lot friendlier and spacious that Easy Runner.

    Nice to have a choice though.

  • I agree with Mungus, Easy Runner's a bit of a dump. Sweatshop is clean, spacious and modern.

    Head Gone? It appears so!
  • Each to their own.

    It may be that by thetime I got there on Monday evening everythoing had gone. I certainly found plenty in the sale in small sizes but all the large just wasn't there. I will try it again but I have never had a problem with ER apart rom its prices.
  • I agree. ER is a bit of a dump and the prices are high. But the staff are always friendly and helpful. I might give Sweatshop a try when I'm shopping for my next pair of shoes.
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