stability trainers & ortotics

I'm after a new pair of trainers, i wear orthotics but need trainers with a bit of mid foot stability, can anyone recomend anything?
I'm looking at asics-cumulus,kayano,empire,2100 or brooks illusion,vaour,dryad.


  • I wear Mizuno wave creation with orthotics which seems to work ok. They have some stability which I need and really they just seem to suit my feet. I tried Saucony grid triumph for a while which were ok to run in but so unstable I trashed them in a few hundred miles whereas I get near 600 miles from the mizuno's

    You realy need to experiment to find what suits you best
  • I use orthoses with Mizuno Mercury and Miz Maverick- both mild pronation. Unfortnetly Mercury now discontinued.
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