This is a request for some genuine advice - I have been running for 3 years and for the past year and a half i have been running hard hilly long runs on Exmoor. I manage three 3-3 and a 1/2 hour long runs a month with the fourth Sunday off. I have run for longer and I would like to go further i am slow but I really enjoy being out for a long time. Any advice how do I need to change my training in order to go further.


  • Hi Uzi,

    There's a ultra runners' email list. It's very active, and if you subscribe then you'll be able to get loads of useful info there. To subscribe send an email to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.DARTMOUTH.EDU. The subject line doesn't matter, but the body must read:

    SUBSCRIBE ULTRA firstname lastname (e.g. SUBSCRIBE ULTRA Cliff Young).

    Also, see here for loads of links to ultra running stuff. It's an Aussie site, but there are lots of links to other places.

    Good luck and have fun :)

    (Wish I could run 3.5 hours x 3 per month!!)
  • Hey thanks Wee Piglet, I've just signed up on that hoping to get some good training info.
  • Hi Ironwolf :)

    Your first contribution has just arrived in my inbox - I recognised your nickname and thought it must be you!

    It's a good, and active, email list. I don't read it regularly, but it arrives every day and from time to time I read it through.

    I'm glad it was helpful. They're a very knowledgeable bunch :)
  • Thanks wee piglet for the link to the other sites. Most appreciated!! By the way don't be impressed by the runs I do I am after all outrageously SLOW. thanks again
  • You're welcome, Uzi :)

  • Wee piglet are you a wee girl piglet?
  • Yes, I am :) How about you? (You're not a machine gun really, are you?? :-)
  • Wee Piglet

    No it's not Uzi that's a typing error its actually Suzi!! But i got fed up of being thought of as a weapon of mass or minor distruction so have changed to the above!
  • LOL! I see :-)
  • I am considering a 50K in 2004 (I plan very early, I am boring like that) there is one in Northern France that RW reviewed last year that seems attractive.
  • Hi Eddy - where is it?
  • I am off to work now I will find the name later (after 6pm) and tell you where it is
  • Right, I am back now. It is the Cote des Legendes 50K
  • Thanks Eddy, I'll check it out. I'm planning on running the Karlsruhe 80km in June, understand that it's 4 x 20km and contains a couple of hills - those who've done it told me to fast-walk the hills and run the rest. As a beginner in Ultra does that sound a good strategy to you?
  • Hi Ironwolf

    I have now tracked down where it is.

    It is at a small village near Brest called Ploudalmezeau. There is an e mail for details which is:


    It is in May each year.

    We have decided to combine it with our biannual holiday in 2004 after which we will go to Provence. There I will run up Mont Ventoux (1912 metres over 10k). I failed to beat the mountain in 2002.
  • Oh and to answer your question I have no idea. I have not gone beyond a Marathon before.

    There used to be a local Ultra in Notts that followed a canal bank (Cotgrave 40m) and the advice was fast walking where necessary so as not to burn yourself out.

    I am tempted by the Grand Union 145, Birmongham to London. 2005 perhaps.
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