Panorama Program

For anyone who saw the Panorama program on the 20th july I'm sure you must have been as shocked as I was.

To call the situation atrocious is putting it extremely mildly, I’ve served with the Army in the former Republic of Yugoslavia and seen some of the atrocities that humans can inflict on each other, but this program last night moved me to tears.

Could you imagine yourself in that situation?? As runners we take for granted that we can get out of the door and run, BUT what happens to you when you get old and the legs don't work properly and you can't get out of bed?? There aren’t enough staff to get you out of your pit so you can wee, no one to wipe your mouth or even to give you a drink?
One old lady had waited 9 (NINE) hours for a sip of juice!!!


We need to rouse public opinion and ensure everyone knows what is going on in our hospitals, it is incumbent on our politicians, who are allegedly pumping extra billions into the NHS, to ensure that this never happens again!!

We must start asking ‘Just where has all the money gone???’, ‘How many new nurses and doctors have been employed, and how does that compare to the number of new managers???’.

Write to your MP and complain, or phone and register displeasure,


If you feel the way I do post a reply to this thread to indicate that you will contact your MP and demand to know why this is happening.


  • i started a thread on this last night, quite a few comments there AR
  • Sorry about that Hunnybunny, only just noticed your thread.

    It'd be good if all interested parties would email their MP's.
  • i know, last night's programme was awful
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