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Hi All

I'm thinking of trying to get a small informal group of runners together,perhaps meeting on a weekly/fortnightly basis. I'm based in Central London and I rarely run outside because of previous hassle, etc. that I've had as a lone female runner (yes, even during the daylight hours!).

I'm not sure how many London based ladies (actually men are welcome too!) are reading this thread, but if anyone is interested in perhaps forming a weekly meeting say in Hyde Park or Regents Park or some other central London area (I'm open to suggestions), drop me a post on this thread and we can discuss further!

:) jem


  • Why don't you join the Serpentine Runners Club ?
  • Hello Jem,

    If you look on the Events forum under Burnham Beeches there's some stuff about people running in Regents Park at lunchtimes and evenings.
  • Bobolink, Ratbag, thanks very much for the suggestions - will have a look into them.

    :) jem
  • Jem, myself and a friend at work are starting at the Serpentine club tomorrow night. It's every Wednesday night, plus they do runs at the weekend, if you're in town at the weekends. We've never been but we've heard it's very good and they put you in pace groups. Let me know if you go along.

    The web address is
  • hi Caz

    unfortunately, i can't do tomorrow evening but I've just had a quick look and I may try and go to the Saturday morning run.

    thanks for the info - I *may* try and do tomorrow evening but I have some speedwork training tomorrow morning and that usually wipes me out for the rest of the day!

    :) jem
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