Fila trainers

Does anybody use fila trainers? ie:
flow k1,fgt300,fgt320 i see there available at stupid prices.


  • A bit too lurid for me - they make me look like I'm having a mid life crisis.

    Although I did own a pair of very plain Ancerus (off road) which were excellent, so excellent they promptly stopped making them.
  • I have a pair of FGT3something-or-others (340's?). They're not the best pair of trainers I've ever had, but they're fine. I got them for a bargain from Start Fitness a year or so ago, I think it was 2 pairs for £50 at the time. For that sort of price (and I've seen them even cheaper since) they're fantastic.
    There was a thread about them back then - everybody seemed to have a similar view - great for the price. If I was hammering out 20 milers every week I would go for something else, but they do the job for me.

    Cushioning is fine, support pretty good, forefoot especially good. My main gripe is that the grip is terrible in the wet. Also they let water in very easily (though let it out again too).

    Why not buy em and try em - you can always use them for knocking about in/gardening/slippers? etc. if you don't like them.
  • I had a pair of Fila adrenaline a few years back as well as the Fila racers. The racers were quite good, but the trainers were nothing to write home about.
  • I also had 2 pairs on the cheap from Start fitness, 1 FGT340 I think, the other was the lighter version. My view, decent for the price but not the best trainers I've had, give me my usual Mizuno's every time.

    I thought they came up relatively tight for size and were a little on the firm side and not great grip in the wet.

    Not sure what price they are now but at approx £25 a pair they may be worth a punt.
  • Had a pair of Fila Flow a couple of years ago which I got on well with. They felt light, fast but with just enough support to get me through the London Marathon. I tended to use them for any training under an hour and also for racing, along with a pair of Mizuno Wave Mavericks for longer steady work. I was an over-pronating heel striker of a runner at the time and had just weened myself off Nike Air Structure Triax.

    Very distinctive looking!
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