Half Marathon Schedules

I am doing the windsor half in september, I ran the 2005 FLM in 5 hours, was aiming for 4.30 but the heat took its toll on me. I have since continued running and increaed my pace to a comfortable 9-9.30 depending on terrain and energy levels. I want to get myself a good half marathon time for this run. Can anyone recommend a good schedule that I can start on as soon as possible. many thanks


  • Try the ones on this site Jimbus, but I prefer www.halhigdon.com - I've used him for 10 miles, half and full marathons.

  • Hal Higdon's is great - I used it for Paris last year and it worked a treat - as did his advice. Most of all - listen to YOUR body - no-one knows it like you!!
  • hi i'd like to download a half marathon training schedule to aim at doing 1:30. this would be knockin 5mins of PB...possible?


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