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  • thud!
    I get scared doin' those kind's of speeds in a car with a 5* safety rating ... what's it gonna be like when all that's between me and 6 months in a cast is my wits?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    I was meaning to ask you all about that - do you think that was for real or something interfering with the computers. It does seem awfully fast - how steep was the hill?
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    109.2kph or about 68mph was my top speed...............a PB by 7kph!!!

    the thought of coming off at that speed - whatever tyre I had - does not bear thinking about.............

    that speed is close to the top speed recorded in the TdF by Sean Yates at about 73mph on the descent form the Col du Tourmalet..........

    strange - both Sean and I ride Omega bikes!!
  • frighteningly steep. the first time down i got into a shimmy, the worse one i've ever seen (even worse than the one i got into at IM Lanzarote tearing down a volcano on a horribly bumpy road with a 40mph tail wind!). i tried to brake but it just got worse, so i just had to stay on.

    half way down i saw all the ambulances attending two mangled cyclists.

    near the bottom, a marshall made frantic "slow down" gestures to me. i'd love too, but how?

    rosey did close to 55mph there, but both barlist and fb beat it. both are, err, of generous proportions!
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    pops - the hill I recorded the speed on was pretty steep and smooth so rolling resistance was low..................although the computer may not be absolutly accurate it certainly "felt" like 70mph........and I was close to that speed on all 3 descents according to the computer so I guess is pretty I am close to 16stone so have a very good gravity effect!!
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Rosey is a pretty fearless descender too - sounds nasty, take it there were no bends to negotiate. I think I'd bottle it before 60mph.
  • My speedo only hit about 45mph there, but its not working properly. Frickin' Cateyes. I finished on 103 miles or something.

    It was a good hill Pops - faster than anything I've ridden in the UK.
  • pops, there was a sharp left at the bottom! the hills were quite bad, as they all had twisties at some point.

    the reason that austria is much faster as the descents are more gentle and straight - so you can get down on the tribars and go for it. oh, and the hills aren't as long.

    i understand that Germany is pretty much similar to Austria, or at least closer to austria than it is to switzerland
  • Jo - I would think that 6 months in a cast would be the best case scenario if you came off at that speed.
  • 8o(
  • Thank goodness for that! (Gumps the bottle boy)
  • no need to lose your buckers, germany is nowhere near as steep as switzerland
  • Q. (Course Related) Is the Deutschland, bike course best suited to TT or road bikes? ie will I have a good excuse to buy a TT bike which I'll also use for a series of local TTs as well.
  • TT according to richard, but it doesn't make any significant difference to be honest. i suppose that having gears where your hands will usually be is convenient, but i've used bar end shifters on the two hilliest IM bike courses in the world and it didn't hurt.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    going past the marshall waving his flag whilst going flat out with a manic grin on my face was truly fun...........bit like a cartoon............and then came the mad braking for the hairpins........
  • I would have thought that the Beast was better on a road bike to be honest - it was a decent climb. Must get some bar end shifters for my tt bike though.
  • did he wave his flag at you? he made frantic "slow down" signs to me. mind you my bike was doing 8 inch bunny hops from side to side, and rather than a manic grin my face waswhite with terror
  • cougie - gumps was asking about germany
  • [Scratches behind leppies ear to elicit a smile]

    You've got to go sometime - why not make it fun?
  • the clue was where he said "deutschland", that means germany
  • [flicks ear]

    I just hate that dark streak of blood and flesh that cyclists leave on the road...
  • thank you haile, are you coming then?
  • [Scratches under chin for good measure]

    #...Oh they scraped him off the tarmac like a pound of strawberry jam,
    They scraped him off the tarmac like a pound of strawberry jam,
    They scraped him off the tarmac like a pound of strawberry jam,
    and he aint going to ride no moooorrree...#
  • I guess I was the only one who didn't know what tubs are! Now I do. Not that I have a road bike anyway! may have gravity on your side, but isn't wind resistance more of a problem for you than some? ;-)
  • In best Little Britain accent : "Yeah - I know."

    I'd get the tt bike anyway gumps. Like we need reasons for bikes.

  • you aren't the only one who didn't know what tubs were TD, its just that most got their teachin towards April/may this year as Candy went thru what he was using for the rest of the seasons races.

    As for descending the HH at 55mph + I am sure FB could get to his speed and be very safe on that piece of road as it was smooth and open, the only blip was a road change over a kerb rise, nothing too bad.

    Personally I thought trying to feed while descending at 55mph was fast enough with one hand ;-) haha
  • [puts paws over eyes]
  • At the risk of being a completely boring pain in the ar*e, could we stick to bike related Q's on this thread please? :-)

    Plus you are scaring me with all this speed stuff and tyres that blow up....

    the bike numpties on here need a home
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