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  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    TD - I was in an aerotuck position as well - down on my tribars with arse over the back of the's FB, the "Flying Brick"...........

    I ignored the marshall Candy - he might have hollered something uncomplimentary in German as I smled at him though..... ;O))
  • FFM - this is an essential part of your journey towards being a bike non-numpty.

    Mockery and p** taking are major units on the syllabus.
  • I always thought weight had no effect on how quick you went down a hill.
    More likely FB's rugby scrum trained legs pushing a mighty gear????

    Nearly 70mph thou. Do you have trouble finding bike shorts with balls that big?
  • are you aware of a thing caled "gravity"??
  • I realise that Cougie and have no objection to it, but am also aware that many threads descend into (very funny) tit-for-tat comments......

    really don't want to be a pain.


    but you know what I mean..
  • you're combatting air resistance and rolling resistance. all other things being equal, heavier = faster.
  • #I believe in a thing called Looooove#
  • i don't think gravity is a key determining factor for size of manhood
  • unless you tie a large weight to the end?
  • ?'manhood' - i've been reading too much nuts.

    sorry FFM, will PSOF now
  • [pads in bravely wearing Bike Numptesse badge]

    If I ever do it, how can I trust a man I don't know in a shop to make my bike fit me? And not rip me off in the first place?
  • Take someone who knows what they're talking about into the shop. And personal recommendations are always good.
  • [smiles winningly at forumite friends]
  • You don't leppie - either find a mechanic you trust, or learn how and do it yourself. Or get one of your trusted pirates to give it the once over...

    Avoid fin-haired yoofs that talk about mountain bikes.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    CaK - at the speed I was doing there was no way my legs could have pedalled that quick - even with a 53/11 ratio............but I did give a mighty push with that gearing to get a good start and kept pedalling until I could no longer keep up........

    and gravity is a wonderful thing - quite often I go downhill quicker than Petal whilst freewheeling and she is pedalling like the clappers to keep up........but I am over 6 stone heavier than her........
  • no can't be gravity.

    The acceleration is constant. The force is higher (in Fb's case) due to the higher mass.


    <realises he's getting into dangerous ground here, but hopes he remembers a small amount of physics inbetween kips>
  • I don't know the science but I do know that my heavier friend freewheels faster than I do.
  • Calf - you've got a greater potential energy, Ep=mass*acceleration due to gravity*height.

    Greater potential energy means greater kinetic energy as you go.
  • of course its gravity, its a balance of forces. try dropping a feather, and a cast of the feather made out of lead. by your reckoning, they would both fall at the same speed.
  • Finding a bike mechanic/LBS seems to be a very hard thing. I've basically tried all of the local ones and I'm always left with the feeling of being ripped off and talked down to.

    I accept the fact that I should learn to do the basic maintainence myself.

    I just want a decent level of service. You'd have thought that one shop would have someone who saw the long term potential of dealing with new customers. Triathletes don't seem averse to spending cash on bike stuff..
  • [reads last few posts and tries in vain to stop li'l brain going *splut*]



  • Andy - they would - as per Gallelio (sp?) experiments. 2 cannonballs of different weights dropped, and they both land at the same time. Only aerodynamics makes the difference.

    Which poses an odd problem.
  • yes, for christs sake, and its aerodynamics that limits your speed on a bike. the lead feather falls faster than the feather. fat buddha descends steep hills faster than skinny gandhi.
  • No CAndy they would land at the same time as long as they're the same shape (air resistance 'n all that)
  • [sigh]

    [exits stage left]

    over to you Grizzly
  • no they wouldn't. the lead one would drop like a stone, the feather would flutter.
  • No CAndy they would land at the same time as long as they're the same shape (air resistance 'n all that)
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    gravity only helps to accelerate a mass to it's terminal velocity...........once at this speed it has no effect as resistance (air, road, bike) stops the body going any faster..................
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