Podiatrists in N.London: recommendations?

I think I've got shin splints. Can anyone recommend a good podiatrist in the N.London area (I live in Walthamstow)?

I'm running the FLM and want to try and sort this out before I lose too much training time.




  • Sorry to hear this, Chris. I swear by the Bupa Wellness clinic at Barbican, Central London. They have a huge team of sports doctors, physios and a podiatrist. They've seen me right a number of times, though never with shin splints. They aren't only for Bupa members.

    Good luck.
  • Cheers ratcatcher.

    I'm seeing a podiatrist on Weds at the Leyton Foot Clinic. Found them via the website:


    So, no running for a few more days. Getting a bit worried, but I guess it's best to sort it now, rather than 2 months down the line.
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