Interval Training - Help needed

I've been running for the past 19 months and encorporate different lengths/styles into my weekly training. However,I am guilty of avoiding speedwork. I am training for the FLM and have started following the Intermediate schedule but I need help with what exactly I should be doing on each speedwork session(silly I know). For example:

3 X 1M approx with 5 mins recoveries - how fast should I be doing each 1M?

3 X 4 mins with 3-min jog recoveries - am I to run as fast as I would the one above?

Looking at the schedule later on it has 6 X 45 secs fast, 3 min jog recovery, I guess these 45 secs should be run a lot faster than the previous ones listed above?

I would really appreciate any advice and also whether you recommend doing speedwork on a treadmill or the road? Unfortunately I do not belong to a running club due to work times so therefore do not have access to a track.


  • Can't give you specific advice on the times for each of your intervals.

    However, each rep should be run at a similar time. When I do mile reps I don't like there to be more than 5 secs difference between the fastest and the slowest rep. Nevertheless each rep should feel as if it has got you working. By the end of your recovery you should feel as if you are ready to tackle the same rep again.

    Basically as the distance in your reps get shorter you tend to run them faster so yes 3 x 4 mins would be run faster than 3 x 1M
  • CLaire, rough guideline: run the miles at your 5K pace; do the 4mins at your 3K pace. Well, at least that's the sensible advice people will give you; in practice, you'll probably end up doing them flat out...

    The 45s reps are basically sprints (the recovery between each rep is long enough that you'll have recovered for the next one if you give it (almost) all.

    Good luck
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