Medicash Liverpool Corporate Cup Run

I've noticed that there are a number of similar corporate 5ks around the North West. Liverpool, Wirral, Chester and more. Is there one organisation that covers them all? Are they all organised seperately?
I'm hoping to persuade my employer to cough up some cash for us to enter some of these events and would welcome any info that will help me put a case together - especially websites etc.


  • Bill

    Try, they do 4 from about May-July, the last one is this week. I was going to sort out a team from our place to do them, but never quite got round to it...

  • Hi,

    I nead to know cost  team event ie: 3 male/1female and individuel


    Steve Carr

  • They don't exist any more. Medicash haven't sponsored an event for years. The Liverpool event was recently staged as the 5K Team Challenge but has gone by the wayside due to year on year diminishing interest.

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