Running in Los Angeles

Hi guys.

I'm off to a music show in the States Jan 15 - 19, and wondered if anyone knew if there is a way of finding out if there's a running club in the area, or better still a local race.

It's a bit of a longshot but if anyone else is going let me know and we could plan an informal run in???


  • You could try the US site Simon, - you might have better luck there?
  • Hello Simon,

    A guitarist pal of mine is also going, but I'm afraid he's definitely not a runner! :)

    A good bet would be for you to ask on the rec.running newsgroup, as it's largely American. In case you're not familiar with newsgroups, you can find it at Google Groups. I suppose the other place to ask is the acoustic guitar newsgroup, (which you can also find via Google).

    Have a great time - I wish I was going too :)
  • Thanks Iain. I did look in there and not a lot going on I'm afraid. Love to do the San Diego half but haven't quite got the time.
  • Another place you might try is

    Wp - you like acoustic guitar - what sort of stuff?
  • Oops. Thanks WP as well. Cracking suggestion. I'll get onto it! Can't wait to go. Anything above freezing and dry will be a bonus!!
  • Hello Iain,

    I like all sorts of stuff. Lemme see... ragtime, blues, some folky stuff, some Celtic stuff (El McMeen, early Pierre Bensusan), James Taylor, just been listening to some Gordon Giltrap (kept me going on my long run on Wednesday - exhilarating!), Adrian Legg (impossible to classify, really, but fantastic), Tommy Emmanuel (amazing!), Marcel Dadi, Nickel Creek... and loads of other great stuff :)

    Are you also keen on acoustic guitar?
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