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Does anyone know of anyone who makes performance running apparel (wicking/lycra/climate control etc etc) manufactured in the UK?

I know of outdoor gear and bike kit made here, but can't find any running kit - and the various 'ethical shopping' type websites all direct me to companies who think cotton is still a good material for sportwear. However fairtrade and organic it may be, it still won't wick sweat worth a damn....

Cheers folks.


  • New Balance shoes are made in the UK. Not sure about their kit though.
  • Actually, I'm an ex NB employee.... all the apparel is still sourced from the far east or various bits of europe.

    Thanks for the reply though!!
  • C'mon, someone must know something....??
  • Ron Hill, Viga, Wasp?

    Don't know just thought some of the smaller companies my be UK based
  • Ahh, good point Gumps, I'll check....
  • I know the forum running tops we have are made in England. Not sure where and by who thou?

  • Oh and Walsh fell running shoes, if falling down hills is something your interested in!
  • Hiya Calf's, I do do falling down hills bigtime, living in the lakes it's not really optional, but go for the New Balance option on footwear - I have got a forum running vest, should have thought of that first - Wasp sports are the supplier, they seem to be what I've been looking for, ta.
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    Wonder where the Running Bear gear is made. Especially good for the lakes. Also, up your way, is Pete Bland Sports. Both have web sites: and
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  • Ron Hill is made in Sutton in Ashfield by Ridgeway Textiles.
  • Paramo based in Wadhurst, East Sussex make excellent gear, mainly for mountaineering / hill walking but with wicking T-Shirts etc. Although not manufactured in the UK they are made in Colombia as part of a social program providing valuable skills to 'at risk' women seeking an improvement in their life.

    OK - it doesn't answer your question but if you're concerned about being an ethical consumer then they're worth a look.
  • Slowboy,

    The Observer in last sunday's magazine said that New Balance did make their stuff in the UK. The magazine was doing an environment/ethical Q&A and the question was basically where can I buy ethical UK running gear.

    Is this not the case?
  • As Alehouse said the running bear shop have make a lot of their own stuff (running bear and mountain bear), I think at the shop which is in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.
  • Ed Mck, I already wear Paramo!!

    Piers, NB do make their shoes in the UK, but when I was there (up until 18 months ago) all the clothing was sourced from abroad.

    Thanks for all the replies folks, looks like I've got a few options now....
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