Saturday 4th Jan

Blimey - me first!

What: Long run (10-13 miles slow).
Why: 'Tis Saturday.
Rest: Yesterday.
Hard: Tuesday 10K race.

Have a good weekend, runny people.


  • what: a nice rest
    why: see yesterday

    last hard day: Fri
    last rest day: Thu
    last long day: Sun

    Your turn for the Arctic tempo run today Laura - assuming Mr Janvier hasn't put you off (see your "longest tempo run" thread). Best of luck!
  • Morning people, wrap up warm - it's cold outside!!

    What: 5 or 6 mile run/skate
    Why: That schedule thing again

    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: Monday

    Hopefully this snow goes soon. Actually it is not the snow I mind but the ice.
  • Cold yes, but sun, glorious sun.

    What: Nothing, alas. I've got a cold.

    Oh well.
  • Morning all

    Just got back from 12.5 miles nice and slow. Started off in the snow!
    Last rest: Thurs

    Off to Scotland now for a week, visiting the relatives
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    What : Rest
    Why : x-c tomorrow,trained short but hard yesterday.
    Last Rest : today
    Last Hard : Friday

    Good luck if you're racing this weekend
  • What - 6km steady uphill climb, 6km back home.
    Why - scheduled.
    Last rest - ysterday.
    Long run - 12 miles tomorrow, per schedule.

    Snowing hard here, and the forest is completely sodden due to all the rain we've had lately. Junior wolf cub's beautiful white fur was distinctly muddy by the time we got home.
  • Hi all

    Absolutely gorgeous here, and perfect for attempting my much publicised 10 mile 1/2 m pace run!

    What: 10 miles tempo run, 9 @ 1/2m, 1 @ 10K , and an 11th warm-down at the end.
    Why: I thought it was a good idea after taking advice from you lot (see 'longest 1/2m tempo run thread...).
    Decided to do a 5 mile out and back route *2, on the grounds that it's flat and I'd worked out the mile markers yesterday. God, I can't believe I've turned into such an anorak! I would have laughed at myself for doing this at one time.
    My target was 80 mins max, though I felt I should be able to do 78-79 mins on the basis of my other tempo runs. Did it in 77.42, which included a final mile @ 7.20. Thanks for the idea Drew, it made me feel thoroughly sick! Also, it's 7 mins off my 10 mile PB so even if Helsby is a disaster there's been some good come out of it...

    Felt good for the most part, couldn't have asked for better conditions and the 'back' legs had the panorama of snow-clad fells in the background.

    Nearly blew the session when the horrible dog at the farm on route came out and barked at my heels at the end of the first lap - I can verify this has an immediate effect on your HR! Thankfully the bloody thing disappeared since I wasn't looking forward to running past him again.

    Very glad to have done this, 'nonsensical time trial' or not, as it definitely felt harder towards the end. I'm trying not to get too excited about my target (1.45) since Helsby has some undulating sections towards the 10th mile and today was as perfect as you could have asked for. But all things considered I've revised it to 1.43.
    Please please let the weather be as nice and we'll all get PBs I'm sure!
    Last hard: Thurs
    Last rest: yesterday.
  • PS. Working heart rate = 86%.
  • I'm chuffed for you Laura, WELL DONE!! 1.43 should be very achievable for you. Good luck!

    What: 10 miles that included 3 mile easy run down to local track, 6*800's @ 5k pace with 400m recovery each rep, finished with 2 mile gentle run back home.

    Why: weekly speed session

    First speed session of the winter where I've worn a thermal top and still I wasn't warm!
  • What: 10 km in 55 minutes steady

    Why: bit tired still after yesterday's tempo run and long run on the cards tommorrow

    Last hard day: yesterday

    Last rest: Monday

  • Hi to yous all!

    Probably the worst week ever for running for me ( not injured, just busy ) time has not been good but life must go on!!!

    What: short speedwork session of 4km

    Why: Its all I could really manage today

    Last Hard: Wednesday

    Last Rest: Friday

    Runs will probably be alot smaller this month, gonna concentrate on speedwork b4 my Vegas marathon in less than a month, feel that I have the mileage and now just want to fine tune that all important speedwork.
  • Not training just raceing.
    Kent County XC Champs.
    Aim top 30.

    After all the rain we've had in recent weeks I knew it was going to be very wet & muddy. I had put in 15mm spikes & was ready for action!
    I left home in the rain, went via Canterbury to pick someone up [that never came] this meant I had to cross over from one side of the county to the other. It wasn't till I got going I realised that most of Kent [appart from my bit] had, had snow in the night. Driveing up one long hill the traffic was building up & came to a stand still, I feard the worst & decided to find another route by turning round.
    I eventually made it to the race start without any other problems.
    I'm team captain so sorted out the numbers [we were once again without a team, my club's full of w*Mp^s!].
    I warm up & the course was as I feared but worse. With cold snow & lots of surface water. Oh well I had come here on a mission to the top 30!
    The course was one small lap of the school field & four large laps round some fields including a wooded area.
    After the first small lap I was counted out in 27th position. I decided if I could maintain this position I would be V happy.
    Though a small stream like part I could hear lots of splashes behind so I knew I had a group chasing close. On the next lap I slipped down the field to 31st got back to the 28-29 mark, all I could do was work as hard a possible for as long as I could & hope!
    On the third lap through the water there was only a small splash behind, I was getting away from the chasing group. Racing two others for 26th spot now & all was looking good. Just hold on a push for the final lap, I dropped one of my group & was giving it everything this brought us very close to the 5-6 athletes in front that at one time looked to far ahead to even think of catching. I managed to climb to 25th postion with 800m to go. I kept pushing hard put had run out of steam & finish 27th on the run in.
    My best County position in 17 consecutive years, one of my best xc performances & all on one of the worst day's I've ever experienced.
    I'm happy as all my hard training is paying off.

    Big Tim :) :) :)
  • 'I could hear lots of splashes behind so I knew I had a group chasing close' - says it all about xcountry ! Enjoyed reading your report.
    You must be so chuffed,and after 17 yrs, that's brilliant Tim. Well done for not bottling out in the awful conditions. Hope you're celebrating tonight.
  • Laura L,
    I am, & well done on your effort today! I hope you are too.
  • what : 1 mile steady + 1 m lamppost intervals + 1 mile steady
    why : schedule says 3 m steady but wanted to liven it up a bit in the middle
    last hard : yesterday
    last rest : weds
  • What: Berkshire XC Champs, 30th position (7th in team, 6th person came in 29th, damn!)
    Why: ???

    Bit peeved. the team came 3rd oveall :) Yay :) But I didnt score so no nice shiny medal for me then! :( Also, could of taken our 6th guy, if Id realised where the finish was. BIG Marshalling c0ck up led to several of use believing there was another lap to go, & there wasnt, so I didnt put a kick in at all. @RSE! Thats 6 weeks training wasted then...
    :`( sulk, sulk, sulk... :`(
  • Flip side, guy who came 29th is a sub 59:00 10 miler/ sub 37:00 10k'er, so hopefully thi bodes well for my future performances at these distances.

    P.S. 10k race tommorow. May divert it from easy paced training run, as I was going to use it, and vent my frustration on it by putting some effort in...
  • Many congrat's, Laura - it sounds like you had a great run! I'm also aiming for 1.45 at Helsby, but I've not approached it as carefully. Still, I've put in a lot of miles in the woods/down the coast road, and I'm optimistic (bit worried by the hill you mention, though! :-) Good luck also in withstanding the dog - that might well have scared me off.

    Big Tim - utterly fantastic result!! Your report was absolutely gripping, and actually brought a tear to my eye! Well done indeed - I really love it when effort and grit and determination pay off :-)

    I ran a XC today. It turned out to be the Merseyside Championship, but I didn't realise that in advance as this was my first XC for the club. The course was flat and almost 5 miles long, which is quite a long XC in my (limited) experience. There were enormous stretches of water covered with thick ice - by the second lap I was glad of them to cool me down - but no snow. Still, it was the coldest day we've had here for a couple of weeks, at least. Truly Cold...

    Now I'm looking forward to doing a run in the woods tomorrow. When I started running it was just with a bunch of friends to do a half, and it's difficult to explain just how surprised but, more importantly, happy I am that I finally appear to have caught the bug. Now I have the beauty of running in the woods, I really don't want to be without it :-)

    Well done to all of you who got out and ran today.
  • Wee Piglet,

    Theres no escape now!
    Your a runner.
  • Been out all day shopping & looking for a new (well, second-hand) car.

    Well done all those who raced today. Enjoyed Big Tim's report.
    KK - who's this team mate of yours who's faster over 10 miles than he is over 10K?
    WP - which woods? You somewhere near Formby?

    Laura - well done on the "nonsensical" tempo run - it's a nice confidence booster to have that performance under your belt a couple of weeks in advance of Helsby. I'm sure you'll do 1:43 quite comfortably - and in decent conditions, significantly better.

    Tapering starts soon!
  • Hi Mike S,

    Yes, I'm in Southport. I used to run up the coast road towards Preston, but recently I discovered the joys of the nature reserve so whenever I get a chance I run down the coast road and run round and round on the trails in the woods :)

    Where are you??
  • Other side of Liverpool Bay - Meols; NE edge of Hoylake; Wirral peninsula, top left.

    Seen any red squirrels?
  • Well done Big Tim, KK and WP inspiring.
    My turn tomorrow- Hereford county XC.

    Had a massage today to try to get my back into some sort of shape and I can now touch my knees again (toes would be chancing it).

    I really, really, really hope it is snowing and windy tomorrow because the course is pretty flat and favours the whippets, but some of them only come out when the sun is shining.
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