Rainforest Foundation Taut 10K

I'm keen, ain't I?


  • Me too, just ran London Chest 10K, Victoria Park is a great flat course, always well organised. So nice way to finish 10K season for me.
  • My boyfriend and I are choosing between two 10Ks on this date. This one, and the Terry Fox one in Hyde Park. We've both completed Marathons in the past but haven't been running for a while and want to get back into it by training for a 10K. I'm keen on this one as it's flat, but my boyfriend thinks there might be too many people and it'll be hard to get round. The Terry Fox one only had 300 entrants last year (and it's undulating!) which worries me as it'll probably be lots of fast runners and I'm expecting to take around an hour to finish. Did anyone complete the Rainforest one last year and was it very busy?
  • Hi Alice,

    Did it last year and it is fast and flat but it was a bit crowded for the first 1 to 2k (I started at the back and did 54mins). Have a look at the 'see all comments and ratings' button on the event page to get last year's pros and cons.

    I am doing it again this year and as I want to do another 54 I will start in the middle and it wont be a prob; it soon spreads out and the paths are road width.

    There will be lots of people with times over an hour and if you want sub 45 start near the front.

  • Only a week after the Berlin marathon so I'm more likely to be marshalling rather than running on this occasion. I've set 3 PBs in Victoria Park 10ks this year so can highly recommend this course if you're in a hurry!

    I believe this race will be chip timed so no worries if you're not at the front at the start.
  • I would recommend this to anyone. Victoria Park is a superb course
  • Hi all - I'm in too. Did this last year - is a great event.

    How did you get on in Berlin JEJ?

    I did a 'pants' time at Wimbledon 10k - mainly due to the hills, so looking for a sub 55 finish (hopefully) for this.

    Other Stragglers doing this are GuyW, Oggie + poss. Doylie (he did Berlin too)!

  • Managed a 2:58 in Berlin - 1:29 at half with my slowest 10k split being my first one, way so overall very pleased with the run. A good confidence boost for FLM06.

    My legs still aren't quite right so I'll just be marshalling for this race on Sunday and will hopefully be able to put in more effort on a 5k on Tuesday.
  • WTG JEJ - v.impressive.

    Update on Stragglers doing this Rainforest 10k on Sun are just me and GuyW - cheer us on - we're in yellow vests with black footprint on back.

    I did a 4sec PB in club 5k Handicap yesterday - so feeling mighty fine + looking fwd to this race on Sun ... even if it's raining - like it is now.


  • Flippin' 'eck there, JEJ!! Good going, fella!!

    How does Berlin compare to FLM with respect to toughness of the course?
  • Berlin is almost completely flat. The only hill I noticed was a slight incline after 20 miles which lasted for almost a mile. I probably wouldn't have noticed had I not attacked at that point.

    I'm so much fitter now than when I ran FLM05, so it's hard to compare like for like, but I still think that the early downhill in the FLM actually harms more than it helps so if it wasn't for cup (rather than bottles), I'd just give Berlin the edge. Probably only seconds between them though.
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