Against the rules - will it work for me?

Glad to see Alan's thread resurrected - and well done Alan - certainly didn't detect any cockiness myself - its easy (and dangerous) to read things in different ways on these postings

Anyway I'm at the other extreme - overweight unfit etc, but now committed to getting fit as fast as "reasonably" possible
Thing is if I joined the forces tomorrow no doubt I would be put through 6 weeks or whatever of physical hell - no rest days or recovery runs - but if I did survive I'd probably come out stronger and leaner than if I'd done less

Hence my intended strategy to try to run most days, to try to go further and faster than the official programme - within the limits of what my body will let me
Now I know this might be higher risk, but if I do manage it, and do avoid injury (which could of course happen following the programme), won't I be more satisfied with my progress?


  • oh dear
    I think I do this too
    Except i cant seem to keep up with the EASIEST of schedules:(
  • Hi big Al,

    I too was really disappointed to see such an unprovoked personal attack on Alan's thread.
    I reckon part of the answer might be in how you're motivated, and if you want quick results and like 'punishing ' yourself, this may be the approach you'll find it easier to stick to rather than an easier schedule.
    Whatever you do I hope it works out well, and don't forget to post and let us know how you get on.
  • Hi Big Al,
    I think we are all different and if you find what you are doing is working then great, if not then change it. Above all remember to enjoy your running!

    Good luck and happy running:)
  • Benzy,

    Have you joined a club. If a club meet twice a week and you turn up then you've run at least twice. If you do anything on top of that you have a decent training volume compared to many. If your work is getting in the way then maybe you need to look at whether you are reaching the point where you can reach some sort of compromise that may involve going part time or just telling your employers that you just "don't do" Tuesdays and Thursdays or something. This may be more difficult in some jobs than others - but it is nearly always possible. This is a good time to make resolutions.
  • Popsider
    i work as a dr in the NHS
    So cant "not do" certain days
    The clubs riound cardiff are too fast for me, but hoping to join stourbridge running club when i move up there.
    I do actually run 4-5 times a week, even if it involves getting up at 5 am to fit in with the on call
    Thanks for the advice though
  • Benz, sorry if I looked like I thought it was easy getting a balance between work and other things, I really do know it isn't. Anyone that knows me would laugh at me giving any advice that is work related.

    If you are running 4-5 times a week then it looks to me that you are doing more than sticking with an easy schedule - you are putting a lot of other runners to shame.

    Glad to hear you are moving to the Midlands - welcome to civilisation!
  • No worries popsider
    I hope you are right about the Midlands
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