Fat Club - Tuesday 20th

Heh did a double-edged sword thingy yesterday. Huge training session at the gym. Did really well. Pizza afterwards, although I have to add I was FORCED into that one (posted in beginner thread). More gardening today and doggie walking and shopping so busy busy busy :)


  • Weigh in day today and I've lost 2.5 lbs - So since the beginning of the year I have lost 30lbs exactly! Big happiness all round.

    I'm still 220lbs (6ft 1inch male in his 40's) so want to loose a minimum of 15 more but if I can shift 24 more I will be delighted.

    Out of interest I have one of the fat % measuring systems in my scales and in the last 11 weeks although I've lost only 7 lbs I have lost 11lbs of fat. And my wife smiles at me more.
  • Wow, Cath, I'd hate to meet the person who can take a tough girl like you and ram a pizza down her neck while she kicks and screams in protest.

    I'm sure we've all been there! Hard workout, looking forward to a meal (or falling down with low blood sugar) and something happens to delay the refuelling - something stressful in its own right. As soon as it's sorted out, it's just "point me at the nearest takeaway".

    You did well, though. Pizzas are GOOD post-workout food. OK, it was maybe a bit excessive to have the family-sized stuffed-crust one all to yourself, and if you weren't being forced I'm sure you'd have passed on the extra cheese and the pepperoni and the garlic bread and the portion of spag bol on the side, but it has to be better than going home and emptying the biscuit tin.

    I had a social lapse last night - the children INSISTED on feeding me all of the red ones (my favourites) out of their 230g bag of Skittles.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey Mij,

    Well done. You're going to look like that man on the cover of RW if you carry on like this!
  • Wow Mij, that's pretty good going. Pleased to hear Mrs Mij is smiling too. Imagine the look on her face if you did end up looking like the bloke on the cover of RW like Redhead predicts...
  • Running muppet, I'm loving the picture!
    Congrats Mij, that's quite an achievment. It's giving me the strength to avoid the biscuit tin this morning.
  • V-Rap, What's your opinion on those fat monitor things?
    I was working on a health mag some years ago and we did a test on them. I got used as the guinea-pig as I had recently been tested by a supposedly more scientific method up at the Adidas training centre and so it gave a good baseline to work against. On that basis the Tanita ones you stand on came the closest to being the most accurate and the hand-held ones were next to useless. But even on the Tanita ones, there's a big discrepency depending on the time of day, whether or not you've eaten or drunk anything in the hours previously etc. I got to take the Tanita ones home and still have them - like normal weighing, the best results come after a run. :) You've mentioned running a clinic where you take body fat measurements. What's the professional take on this?
  • Caketin, was thinking of changing my nickname to Running Miffy. I use the eBay site and on that I'm miffymad. Luckily I had a daughter so I can start the indoctrination into all things Miffy and Hello Kitty at an early age, poor child.
  • Cath, hope you have a good time gardening and doggy walking. I can't believe how busy I am these days. When I was working, most days were spent on my arse with the odd bit of walking around - if I was on a shoot or location hunting/props hunting then I'd be on my feet all day but most days were in the office eating lots of scrummy chocolate and ice-cream which always seemed to get sent in by nice PR's.

    Now I'm on my feet almost all day every day running after mini RM, swimming with her, walking for miles and then running too. Plus I can't eat chocolate or ice-cream in front of her because she wants to share everything I have, thank god for nap time :) - that's what she's doing now. God knows what it must be like for V-Rap with is it 3 or 4? to care for!!! I think it's the running though that gives me the energy to chase after mini RM.
  • rm - yes mine in a Tanita stand on and yes it does vary during the day by upto 2%. The little booklet they included explained all that - they recommend evening as being the most consistent for measurement but I only take it first thing in the morining when I weigh in. My view is that if it is inaccurate then at least it shows me a trend.

    the alternative is the callipers at the gym which I feel are at least if not more inaccurate.

    Thanks all for the congrats.

    Caketin glad to hear about the biscuit tin.
  • RM, I have a hand-held body fat monitor and I'm absolutely convinced that all it does is record the age, sex, height and weight data you put in and do an elementary calculation based on a pre-programmed formula. I don't believe it measures anything. It comes in useful as a sort of adjunct to reinforce what the scales are saying when people start whimpering about "heavy bones" and "well, it's all fluid retention and it's your fault for not giving me water pills", but as a scientific device it's a confidence trick.

    Officially, underwater weighing is the most accurate way of assessing body composition. Calipers are next best, but only if used properly - and in the gym they frequently aren't. The Tanita stand-on thing has been shown to be capable of an error of up to 5% in some tests.

    Body composition changes gradually, so a measurement every couple of months is plenty - in fact, like the scales, they can probably be dispensed with in favour of the honest, no-nonsense, no-science "wobble test".

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Weighed myself this morning, and although I am still 11st0lb, I'm on the underside of it rather than the upperside of it, so in my mind I have decided that I have lost half a pound. (Rather inaccurate scales and positive thinking). However, I like your wobble test idea, V-rap, and I do think that I have sculpted a bit over the last few weeks, since marathon preparation began in earnest.

    Getting a few smiles from Mr Nessie too...:-)
  • Great attitude Nessie, that will keep me smiling at my weigh in tonight ....
  • Afternoon all, just in from a lunchtime 40 minutes plod. Feeling v good, as have managed to persuade work mate to come too. We are going to attempt to get together a running posse ... got a few funny looks when we went to get a sandwich and removed soggy fivers from our socks!

    Good work Mij. I like the idea of the "wobble test", I lost 2lb this week, but can feel todays skirt just isn't as tight as normal. Oh, and went out running in lycra shorts for the first time when not racing.

    Shame I've got to go out to dinner tonight, will attempt not to be grabbed by the pizza mafia and made to eat pizza!
  • Hi all,
    I havenet posted for a few days as i have ben to embarressed my my weekend of failure, Although i have been out for a run and a bike ride. I have been eating poorly. So i have not lost any wieght. In fact i could possibly have put on wieght. But i have been to scared to face the Scales.

    I am out tonight for a run, so i may face then tomorrow.

  • PS.

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes

  • Dog is walked (and suitably shattered) and shopping is done but garden not finished yet because it's been bucketing it down again :(

    V-rap -- heh! I meant I was forced as in, it was the only source of food which was remotely healthy. Mr had designs on heading to Ronny McD's but I put my foot down.

    Running Muppet -- caught your reply in "getting started". Cheers anyway :)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey Nic, don't worry about not posting a loss - my weight has plateaued (is that how you spell it?) and I'm neither losing nor gaining at present. Weekends are always a danger time and you're certainly not alone in overdoing things! Just make sure tonights run is a good 'un ;-)
  • Hi All,

    After my two week holiday where I gained 8lbs and a really heavy weekend just gone, can I qualify for this thread also? If so, then I am now 11st 2lbs and on the Tanita scales 17% :(

    All the best, Paul
  • Hi all,
    Had a stressful day - but have been soooo good with the eating! Held a drama workshop to a class of 30 kids - aged 8-14 -What a nightmare!! I really needed a couple of brandy & cokes (Diet of course!) when I got in, but I have resisted! I have eaten just fruit for lunch and have had a healthy dinner of poached salmon salad..(oh & two ice lollies..). Thing is, I am absolutely shattered and fully intended to go out for a run tonight, but just cannot get the energy up..So I think it's an early night for me tonight and I promise to do better tomorrow.. although I've got the nightmare drama workshop again.. HELP!
    Michelle x
    PS - Well done to those of you who have lost weight! & Nic - don't worry, I lost 1lb last week & put it on again at the weekend!!!
  • V-Rap, your reply confirmed what I suspected - still, back just after I had mini RM, they said I was 35%!!! Now I'm back to a little more healthy 27% according to them that is. When I had the testing done at Adidas headquarters, they used the callipers and it came out as 21% - the scales at the time were saying 25%!
    I think the clothes fit and wobble test are the best of all. It's too easy to get seduced by the numbers and scared by them too.
  • Nic, how could you have had a weekend of failure when it included a run and a bike ride? You had a successful weekend with a bit of a hiccup. It's soooo not good to get scared of the scales. A few pounds up here and down there are nothing. It's the over-all long term picture that counts.

    Nattynoodle, I simply cannot believe that you have put on 8lb in 2 weeks. How much alcohol/food/strange weight gaining substance did you ingest? It takes 3500 cals over your daily requirement to put on 1lb. You'd have had to be putting away 140,000 more calories over your normal amount per week. That's like 466 mars bars!!! Also 17% is v healthy indeed. That's not to say you can't join in if you so feel like it.

    Michelle, !!!!!!!! What can I say? I really admire anyone who can teach the early teenage years. Full respect.

    I got on the wrong train tonight with mini RM when she was tired, thirsty and hungry and we ran out of water - luckily I had some food on me for her. She was really whingeing and wanted to crawl round on the floor which she obviously couldn't. I had to spend 2 plus hours trying to be inventive to keep her amused with a few plasters and my purse. I was so hoping she'd fall asleep so I could enjoy a Magnum in peace and quiet. She didn't fall asleep so I've been cruelly denied - maybe I'll pop out to the shops later.

    She, the running with friends thing makes SUCH a difference, the miles go so quickly. I'd never really ran with anyone before this year as most of my close friends are much slower than me and mister RM and people in my running club were too fast. Now I've got 2 friends who I run with twice a week and do one or two runs by myself. The time to myself is nice too - they're both good in different ways.
  • Well, went to gym straight from work tonight, am I the only person who finds it mind numbing boring ? I have practically got to force each footstep to the door, and then when I am in, all I want to do is turn around and get out, maybe just having a bad gym time. Anyway, after all the drink and over eating at the weekend... I managed to lose 1lb. So I am pretty chuffed, now to get rid of the other 13 ....
    I should probably try abstaining from the alcohol, see if it makes a difference..
  • Well i went for a run tonight.. ANd i managed to run for 15mins without stopping..

    I am well chuffed, But the return leg i had to walk after 5mins but only for 30 secs then i was able to finish the distance without stopping. i did 10 mins of stretching. Hope that was enough. It felt like it was. So mayeb my bad weekend was just refueling......

  • Daisy --um, I used to find it mind numbingly boring but since I started running again it's a little different because I'm a concentrator rather than a chatterer. I offered a complimentary gift pass to a colleague from work a couple of weeks ago and I'm really hoping he doesn't decide to join my gym because he generally goes to his gym when I go to mine (I went on a similar guest pass to his gym) and anyway, he never shuts up. I told him he wasn't working hard enough! Seriously, it puts me off concentrating especially on the treadmill... I get that dreaded treadmill nausea at the start and end so I have to keep on track. Besides, don't they have TV's and music at your gym..?! Alot of people I see coming in take head phones and CD's!!
  • Well done, Nic. Sounds like you're well over that bad weekend now!

    Daisy, I often find the gym mind-numbingly boring too and have had to use all sorts of (non-food!) tricks and bribes to keep myself on the treadmill or elliptical cross trainer (the bike and steppy are less of a problem because I can read on them). I've just joined a gym with television and radio channels on tap, which helps. And I enjoy doing the resistance machines.

    Aeons ago, when I first came aboard the old forums, I posted something to the effect that the treadmill was boring, and one of the responses was a tactful version of "if it's boring, you're not pushing yourself hard enough". I think, for me, there was more than a grain of truth in that.

    Cath, you definitely don't want that fellow in the gym with you. Imagine being labelled as the girl who's always with that bloke who thinks the machines are for sitting on to have a drink and a chat. I quite enjoy a gossip (ran almost a mile at 5.5mph without noticing it when one of the staff came over to chat about the GNR while I was on the treadmill) but most of the time, like you, it's head down and serious sweating.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Hi Running Muppet and All,

    We did drink a hell of a lot whilst away, this was probably caused because for two weeks we were within 3kms of Faliraki, but bot was it good ;) Also for the first time in years I was actually eating two meals per day (as they were included), whereas normally I just eat one, sometimes!

    Anyway, I have been trying to get it off this week, have run 8.2 miles Sunday, race pace 4 miles Monday and 11.5 miles tonight, so we will see what I weigh tomorrow, I hope it is good news!

    Best Wishes, Paul
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