Question on blood pressure for all the docs out there.

My blood pressure is around 98/47 is this too low? It can be a bit higher sometimes (117/81) but is generally under 100/50. Is this ok as long as not experiencing any dizziness. Are there any other symptoms to low blood pressure?

TT ;0)


  • It's fine, Tt.

    Mine's 90/60 and I don't fall down even after donating blood.

    In some parts of mainland Europe, all sorts of vague symptoms are attributed to "low blood pressure", but it's a harmless phenomenon as long as you're otherwise healthy.
  • Thanx V-rap that's fab.

    Don't get any dodgy symptoms of anything untoward. Can get dizziness on standing up occassionally but only tends to be if I let myself get dehydrated so that's to be expected.

    Just wondered cos I'm generally nosey LOL.

    TT ;0)
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