race times

isnt running great?
ive been running for over 20 years,and have always enjoyed it..
if you reach a level of fitness and maintain it over the years its a great feeling,and race times reflect that too.
eg: in 1982 i ran 3hr30min in glasgow marathon,,then in 2000 i ran the same race in 3hr 31mins...so 18years on and im still running consistently..what other sports can u say that would be posiible?
anyone else had results such as mine?


  • I've been running 9 years and am happy to report that i'm still improving. Long may it continue!!
  • I ran the Robin Hood 1/2M in 1984, as a splightly 23 year old, in 1hr 39min, & completed last year's Great North Run in the same time, as a still fairly splightly 40 year old.
  • I've met a lot of runners in their 40's and many are still improving. I turned 45 last week and I'm still looking for PB's in all distances. Achieved a PB at 6 miles this year and want to PB at 10k later this year. I'll have to pick my Half Marathons carefully to get a PB. Florence in Italy starts at the top of a hill and finishes down in the main city centre. That's an option but I did it last year and couldn't dodge the slower runners near the start. The 4km downhill were my slowest of the whole race!
  • Good for you Billy, I love hearing about people like you who're still improving. Someone posted last week about running in their 60's; seems there are plenty of years left in most of us yet.
  • The other great incentive for the "more mature" runners is the age categorisation in races. As a new 45+ runner, I'm in a different category. However, I've noticed in race results that the 45-49 year olds often do better than the 40-44's!
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