Belts for running!

Does any one have experience of using a belt to support their lower back whilst running? I need to support my back and have thought of using a neoprene (?) type belt. My thoughts are a sweaty back is better than a stiff back. I have heard of people using motocross belts! Can anyone pass on the experience or recomend a belt for runners?


  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    When I started r*nning I used to wear an elasticated belt to support my lower back and pelvis. I bought it from our local surgical suppliers and it cost about £20. I would have thought that neoprene would be very sweaty and uncomfortable? Don't use it any more though as have worked hard on core stability and no longer get the problems that I used to (groin pain due to unstable sacro-iliac joint).
  • No belt/corset is really going to support your back. Like SS says core stability is the key. A belt will be warm and comforting and may give you some feedback on your back/abdo muscles but it won't strengthen or stabilise. Only a custom made spinal corset will do that and I hope you don't need one of those. Have you tried Pilates?
  • Hello!, I've used what are "Kidney Belt's" like they sell here and they offer some support but to be honest the Motocross stuff is just designed for impact more than support.  Having said that I have used mine before for support after any training.  As SS & Jiggi have stated you'll need a full spinal corset, I have used one before and in all honesty I found that in fact it was rest from sport for a week or so that helped more than anything. As Jiggi has said Pilates is fantastic!

  • Yeah you need to get to a proper pilates teacher and tell them of your problems. That's gonna be so much better than a belt.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    I use a "Vertibax" support, not usually for running, but when I'm working outdoors. Gives you a very sweaty back and am not sure if I'd like to wear it for more than a 5miler if I was to use it while running

    TBH I think a course of back exercises from a physio is a better long term solution if that is at all possible
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