If you like porridge ...

Been searching for a good sports drink that's not too sweet and not fat-laden? I have started drinking Oatly (available from Ocado/Waitrose and probably health food shops).

Each 100ml contains:
1g protein
6.5g carbs, of which sugars 4g
fats 0.7g
No additives

I like it. If you like porridge, you can use it instead of milk (and on other things too).


  • Forgot to say.. as you might have guessed, it's an oatmeal-based drink.
  • Is it milky looking then RB?

    I'm not really into milky drinks, but to add to cereal is ok.
  • Hilly it looks just like milk except it is completely lactose free. A lot of lactose intolerant people use it. If you use it for cooking it doesn't split as soya milk does.
  • Milky-looking except that it's beige rather than white. My interest in it (apart from liking the oatmeal taste) is that it has a better nutritional composition than a sugar-based sports drink.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    But why would you use it to make porridge - if you wanted more carbs couldn't you just eat a bit more porridge ?
  • Popsider
    I see your confusion. I make the porridge with water but pour milk/oatly on it (with soft, dark brown sugar) to eat it. Making porridge with milk is, I believe, an aberration!

    But mostly, I just drink Oatly as a (nutritious and tasty) drink.
  • I drink Soya milk:o)
  • Although I'm quite happy drinking ordinary milk, I've found porridge tastes really good with that Rice milk stuff.

    Yum - just make sure you invest in a good non-stick pan!
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