Slimming down legs

hi there,

i am pretty fit and generally happy about my body. I do however have large, chunky legs, particulary the lower half and i would like to slim them down, any suggestions?



  • Unfortunately it is very difficult to 'spot reduce' areas of the body - which is always the problem when people attempt to do lots of sit-ups to reduce abdominal body fat!! A reduced fat diet and general exercise will obviously help to bring down body fat levels, but this is a universal 'remedy' not one that will necessarily isolate individual parts of the body. Do you do lower body weights/exercise predominantly?
  • I have access to a rower, bike and treadmill, so use these 3-4 times a week, but seem to be bulking up rather than slimming down. Started a more healthy eating programme, although i am only 8.10, and 5.4 tall, so not really overweight.

    Perhaps i need to do more stretching exercise to lengthen the muscles?
  • It's one of the unfortunate laws of physics that weight loss starts with the face and moves downwards - I wish I knew of a magic formula that would let me burn my saddlebags while conserving my boobs.

    You're not even a tiny little bit overweight, Elizabeth. Keep on with healthy eating and exercise and learn to love those legs. They're yours and they do their job well, and a pair of well-muscled pins is a glorious sight.

    I'm sure muscle-lengthening exercises as in Pilates would do you no harm, but will leave the extravagant promises to others.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Elizabeth, I have the opposite problem, the lower half of my legs are like sparrows! I can't say the same about the tops though.

    V-Rap, I agree, the first place I lose weight - boobs. The last place I put weight on - boobs. When I was overwight I had a nice C cup, now A!
  • Pilates might help. I'm only on my 4th session, but apart from being all about stability, strength and developing a strong core (all good for the running) there's a lot of lengthening of legs going on in the moves I've been doing. I'm the same - chunky short legs and can never lose weight off the middle - I don't want to lose my boobs though, the D cup balances me out!

    Happy running!

    Happy running!
  • excellent, thanks for all your swift and helpful replies. I'll keep on with the exercise, which i really enjoy, and try and add in a few pilates, yoga moves.
  • I’ve got the *exact* same problem Elizabeth. I’m about the same build as you and while I’m having tremendous problem adding definition to my upper body, my legs bulk up like no one’s business. I absolutely love running and I wouldn’t stop doing for anything even if it means having bulkier legs than I fancy. But I have been taking up Pilate and Yoga recently, hopefully all the lengthening and stretching will make some difference.
  • I also have this problem and and yet cos I am a fastish runner border on being underweight (5"3', 49kg). I love the looks I get from shop assistants when I try knee high boots and they don't zip up as my calves are so big compared to the rest of me. But actually I really would like to buy these boots. I have finally after trying on nearly 20 pairs found some that do up!

    Also struggle with some jeans, have to buy varieties with loose fit thighs!

    Nothing we can do about elizabeth, we have to love our tree trunks. I do pilates not sure it helps the legs, but is very good for you anyway.
  • Hi, I have exact same problem! Only dream about wearing boots.

    Training for Paris marathon this year actually bulked my legs up which surprised me.

    Now that it's over I am reducing the running slightly and including some Pilates and swimming. Swimming seemed to make a small difference last time.

    Other than that, I've just come to accept them the way they are. They are strong and defined and look good in clam diggers!
  • Oh dear, when I started reading all your comments I thought finally! someone here must have the magic answer to curing my chunky legs! Sadly it was not to be. I think I have learnt to accept them but I don't think I'll ever love them! Can't remember the last time I wore a skirt. My problem is that whilst the rest of my body has become nicely defined - my legs just won't - I don't think I'd mind the chunk so much if it had some definition. Any advice on achieved that longed for look would be gratefully recieved

  • I am short (5'3"), and don't like the muscular look that training gives my legs. yoga wuill help a bit, but the main thing is to keep proportions, so just experiment with the different exercises.
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