Truro Half-Marathon

Has anyone done this race before?


  • KessmanKessman ✭✭✭
    Local race for me.Part of the Cornish Grand Prix series,450 runners last year.1st mile takes you around the city before heading out into the lanes,climb after 1.5m then reasonable running to 4.5m then first major climb,good running from 5m to 9m steep down hill then worst climb which goes on a bit.10m and its flat and good running, the last mile back into the city is downhill.Overall its a testing course.
  • Thanks Kessman - Sounds like some hill work is in order as preparation for this event, then.
  • Is a map of the race route available anywhere please ??
  • KessmanKessman ✭✭✭
    Try Truro running club web site,no map,but contact no's.I'm sure they'll send you one.
  • this is my first race should i b worried ?
  • CT, By the sounds of it you could have picked a challenging course for your debut, on the plus side your second race will probably be easier : -)
  • a beautiful day, a well organised event, a great goody bag including an excellent bottle of beer and wonderful scenery - what more could you ask for from a half marathon ?? Well done to the organisers for a first rate event.
  • must agree dd, thoroughly enjoyed it myself.
  • Thanks for your kind comments guys - hope to see you again next year. Lisa
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