As John Lennon once said

After an eight week lay off due to a strange knee/calf problem I'm just back from my first "trot" (cos that's all it was!) It lasted all of 15 mins and I felt quite wheezy when I finally settled back down on my return.

I'm planning a 10K on Feb 16th in Grangemouth, I hope I can build quickly enough cos this feels like I've never ran before in my life!


  • Gusher,
    Just take it steady & all will work out fine.
  • I'm sure there's enough time between now and your 10k to get back into it. Just don't try to push too hard too soon cos otherwise your knee/calf problem may return with a vengence.

    Happy running.
  • All sound advice. I think once your body gets used to running again you'll be surprised how quickly that feeling of being wheezy will disappear. Good luck in your build up, as the others said take it easy!
  • Thanks everyone for the comments and encouragement.

    I'll tell you what, mentally I feel on top of the world knowing that I got up this morning and ran in the snow and ice after all the over indulgence and long lie ins during the last couple of weeks especially!

    I'm now working on a plan to hit my 10k goal using the Excel Spreadsheet highlighted on [url=] this post [/url]
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