help please

does anyone else suffer this problem???

I am following the RW intermediate plan, aiming for a sub4 FLM.


I just cant seem to run slow enough to do the times they suggest.

sat 4m run in 39 mins, turned into 29.15
and todays 8m run in 74-76 mins, I tried so hard, set watch at start, didnt look at it till I stopped, Ran as slow as poss, and did it in 66.05

Any advice on how I can slow myself down wpould be greatly appreciated


  • you could borrow my legs
    Are you on the wrong schedule?
    Or how about HRM
  • Not a problem I've ever had Legless! I shouldn't worry about it too much, the schedules are there as a guideline and are not set in concrete. If you're running comfortably within yourself now just keep on as you are and either you'll fall in with the schedules as they get harder or you'll get a better result than you hoped for.
  • I don't think you have a problem.
    I'd only start worrying if you were going so fast that you weren't able to complete the distance as you'd tired yourself out.

    Sounds like you are ahead of the schedule, so I'd be tempted to do longer runs than they re suggesting, and see how you go.
  • Oh I have a problem, but that is for another site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how can I be ahead of schedual, when I only strted traing on thurs???????????

    Hippo, its my b/day in 2 wks, and got a sneaking suspicion that Mrs LL has got me a polar-I have dropped enough hints anyway!!!!
  • Oh no not another one. Legless, there's still time. Think of the alcohol you could buy with that money.

    (As for your other problem, try an anti-fungal cream or live yoghurt.)
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    I use a HRM and dont let it get above 140-150, seems slow but means I run 3m in the 25 minutes my recoveries should take.
  • Are you sure the distances you are running are measured accurately? If yes, suggest you switch to either the sub 3:30 or sub 3:45 schedule.
  • A problem I suffered last year when training for FLM, and a problem I still suffer from now on lower distances, Eg. long run running as slow as possable seems to achieve sub seven minute mile for first four miles and then deterioates from there so that over a 12 mile run the average is normally 9.5. Try running with others as I have found this has helped slow me down at the start but has no affect on the overall time to complete.
  • I agree with Dustin. I use my HRM on my long Sunday runs to prevent me from going too fast and I have found that it works brilliantly!
  • erm, I know this is heretical, but ... you don't actually *have* to run slower than you feel like. all that matters is that you're not overdoing it so that either a) you get injured or b) you can't perform on the days that matter which are your quality runs (speedwork, long runs, etc.). so if you are recovering at a pace that feels comfortable, then that's just fine.

    I think there's too much pressure on running slowly - too much slow running and you'll simply train yourself to run slowly. my advice is run as fast as you want every day, always bearing in mind what you've got to do tomorrow and the next day. listen to your body and pace yourself over the week, and don't agonise about the stopwatch.

    there I've said it, I'll retreat to my underground missile-proof bunker now. ;-)
  • Well put, Achilles - I absolutely agree with you!
  • Thank god for that-cheers all for the advice, I feel much beeter now......

    relaxes back in the chair feeling much more possitive about things!!!!!!!!!!
  • Legless, my wife is using the same schedule and has the same problem so I wouldn't concern yourself. Achilles said it all, as long as you are comfortable with what you are doing and in no pain why train yourself to be slower?

    I suppose you might just try running for the time recommended rather than the distance, after all it is an endurance event, this is the approach that Mrs CN is taking.

    Best of British.

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