Entering in order to defer

Sitting in the repatriation area after FLM 2005 (my first marathon), I promised my wife that I wouldn't do another one for a couple of years. But I really enjoyed it, and now there's the entry form winking away at me on the kitchen table ...

So, what's the protocol re entering into the ballot and promptly deferring to the next year if you get in? Is it best to enter now to have two chances of getting in (for 2007), or just to leave it a year and try my luck then?

I ran for charity this year and think I've now drained the charity-giving reserves of friends and family for a while, so it's ballot or bust for me next time!



  • Just so long as everyone doesn't do it.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    But if you are lucky, you might be taking the place of someone who really wants to run next year.
  • It is done by some people, but you should NEVER tell anyone. You'll have people putting voodoo hexes on you.

    I'd never do it, I agree with Sezz, it deprives someone who wants to do it next year.
  • I agree with Sezz and Bullit, I'd be annoyed if I don't get in while someone who has no intention of running does.
  • It's built in to the calculations for about 25% of people who sign up to defer.
  • ... and they state that after 5 rejections you'll get in. If you don't enter, you won't get rejected.

    Do it. It's a lottery and chances are you won't get in anyway. But at least you'll have one rejection down.
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