Recommend a Hotel?

I am struggling to find a hotel for the Great North Run - can anyone recommend one please? All the Newcastle City centre ones are full and I have been as far as Durham or the coast.

perhaps there is one North of the border. It is my partners first race so I dont want to have to drive there and back from manchester on the same day - she deserves a good nights kip and a bottle of champagne in the bath after finishing!



  • Hi Colinowl. I used and am in a Marriott at Gosforth Park. Still a drive to the start. I booked this ages ago, but they had access to a number of rooms. Give them a try. All the travellodges etc were full in February! How about Youth Hostel? (they are nice these days!)
  • I've used and their service is pretty good. Also try the big hotel websites: best western, hilton, holidayinn, etc, then if that is no good, try to find the Newcastle tourist information site which should list the local smaller places.
  • Hi Colinowl
    I live in a little seaside town about 20 miles north of Newcastle, that has 2 or 3 B&B places that should have some vacances. I am doing the GNR & normally drive to a metro station (free car park)& use that to get to the start & back from the finish. If it's of interest, let me know & I'll try to get some details for you.

  • Good luck with the search - I tried 40 or so guesthouses, B&B's and hotels in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesborough etc etc etc and there was no room anywhere. Carthorse previously mentioned that the campsites might be worth a go...
  • Colinowl,

    See Rob Spedding's response to an earlier posting here

    I booked through Nirvana around 2 weeks ago, and altough it's a bit pricey, it wwas pretty straightforward.


  • You could try the seaside places north of Newcastle i.e. Morpeth, Alnwick, Bamburgh, Alnmouth
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