How to reply to individual post


I am a bit of a technofobe so can anyone help me ?

How do I reply to an individual post so that the author knows I am replying to their question / comment rather tham my post just ending up at the bottom of the thread ?


  • Gary Fiddes,
    Start by putting their name at the top!

  • First contender for thread of the year!!
  • Just remember to sign your real name if you use a nick-name (which you dont seem to GF)
  • Chimp
    Quite correct I dont use a nick-name. I bet there arent any other Fiddes's out there on this forum !!
  • Go on, invent one
  • Hello :-)

    (hee hee, just joking... hee hee :-)
  • "Wee Piglet FIDDLES" ?????Disgusting lowering the tone like that , or maybe its a musical thread ;)
  • hee hee.... :-)
  • Wee Piglet,

    Don't you ever sleep ?

  • GF, if you mean that your reply sits in a treeview type of hierarchy - you can't. Threads only have a flat structure so all replies just get tagged on at the end.
  • Well hello ratcatcher!!!

    Dont understand a word you're saying like but hello anyway.
  • Chimp - tempted at first to try to explain ratcatcher's point in a way you'd understand.

    But on reflection, why should I steal the glory from ratcatcher? Or attempt the impossible?

  • Guys

    OK lets go for a nick name then : What about 3:30 or bust ?
  • I know exactly what you're saying ratcatcher. And in fact the old style forums (BC, or Before Chimp) used to have 'nested threads' so you could have substructures to each thread. This meant that instead of chucking your own little comment into the big pool of contributions never knowing exactly where it would end up, you could tag your reply onto the person you really wanted to talk to.

    There was much pleading when the new style forum came along to get RW to give us this feature back but alas we have not been heard.
    Maybe time to start a campaign?
  • I'm hurt Laura :-(

    Well I think I am but you've started talking ratcatcher but I'll assume the mention of my name means trouble.

    Hey I'm all for Champaigne!!

    (Oh, it says campaign, never mind)
  • Look!!!(excited) ratcatcher's face has just appeared. Thank god somebody else has a face and not some cartoon character, animal or (in your case chimp) just a tantalising blank. That's you, me and Glenn still with faces, and wanting nesting threads.
    Campaign starting...
  • Chimp, stalked any HRM users lately?
  • A campaign for real faces!
  • Brian the Snail- Sleep?? Whassat??? :-)

    Chimp - no piccy?? ...

  • Tim , and all others
    my face is too apochyrphal to behold
  • Big Tim/Laura. I'll join your campaign for real faces.

    You've forgotten Josie Jump. She may look like a model but that's her real face!

    (prepare to be scared wee piglet, very scared!)
  • Chimp - sorry, on rereading my reply doesn't really explain what I meant. Thanks, Laura, for putting it properly.

    Sadly, that isn't my face, but Michelle Pfeiffer's. Thanks for the flattering mistake! I look very, very similar to her really, just less blonde, less beautiful, and a lot less like I haven't just blown my marathon PW by 10 min. The body, race number and medal are all mine.
  • I would be glad to be able to get any picture onto my profile. I follow the RW instructions, cut the picture size down but still no joy.

    Whats the big secret ?

    It's just not fair Ratcatcher's morphing other peoples faces onto her body, Wee Piglet's flashing her trotters, some clever chaps even have moving pictures. It's not fair I'm a tecknophobe.
  • Laura, while I've got your attention - what is your advice for someone planning to do both FLM and Stockholm in the same year? (I asked this on another forum but last time I checked you hadn't bitten) It was you who did this last year wasn't it? If so, I know you had a lousy Stockholm, but I am hoping that was just the heat and not the FLM in your legs.

    What are you doing this year?
  • Well its a jolly nice body ratcatcher! Think you need to show your real face now though!!

    Its Laura's campaign for real faces you know!

  • Brian TS - could it just be that you've got a life so don't have to sit around morphing pictures and dreaming of being beautiful?
  • Brian The Snail. Thought pretending to be John Holmes was a mistake. You could at least have TRIED to find a fully clothed piccy.
  • Ratcatcher,

    I'm with Chimp on this one.

    Morning Chimp.

  • Ratcatcher, I'd noticed that your picci was doctored but it's really well done. What software/technique do you use?

    Oh, and I'm such a geek that although I could spot the photo tampering I would never have known it was Michelle Pfeiffer.
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