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  • [retreats back to the 'hood']
  • This is marvellous, haven't got my bike yet, will probably drown in the sea and i am going to cycle to brighton for a swim.

    silly as a chocolate firegaurd.....
  • Barley this is Ironman, not the world sandcastle building championships!
  • LOL! Sounds like Plummy and I are in similar predicament...except he can run farther and faster than me!!!!
  • I fear my swim will be more of a paddle accompanied by cries of 'oohhhh I mustn't get my hair wet'.
  • Who you calling a puff?
  • sounds like it is you, Barley my little (semi) northern blemish!

    I'll come and pick yopu and your bike up for a trip to Brighton though ( if you promise to push me up Ditchling Beacon)
  • brighton sounds fun, as does the swimtrek thing...don't know if the budget will stretch that far though.. i'll have a think.
  • Do i count as south east or greater london? hmmm
  • i'm working on the principle that Greater London is in the south-east
  • "Chapter" sounds a bit new agey and cultist don't you think? slightly better than brotherhood or sect, but since carl is in it I may as well join in, nothing bad has ever happened in the company of carl.
  • Maybe I am a bit "new agey and cultist" - don't forget I was the one that picked Jimi Hendrix....but I think you were the one that said that you had a copy? I suppose "Chapter" is a bit Hell Angel like but it sort of fits....a bit..... read carbon fibre pony rather than iron horse though ;-D

    And I think it is pushing it a bit to say that Milton Keynes in in the South East, but Carl seem like a nice enough chap, and he knows where the best people are!!
  • Kingston sounds good- 8.2 fits my schedule better than the 16.
    Count me in for Brighton (Parkas or leathers?)
    Ballbuster is 4 weeks before Luton so no thanks, but I could cycle over to cheer on those that do.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I think I'm doing the Kingston 16m. Am also doing the Crawley sprint tri sometime in mid-Sept.
  • 18th September for Crawley sprint - that's my club race :-)

  • "nothing bad has ever happened in the company of carl"


    Youve obviously had an extaordinary run of fortune.

    MK is technically in the Southeast actually... Im primarly based locally but travel well.

  • Last training ride i was on with carl i had a nasty stomach turn at the sight of him on one of his toilet stops. That was pretty nasty...
  • I did the Kingston 16 last year. It was that race that convinced me to try for a GFA for London this year. It included a Marathon last year which would have been ideal for a GFA attempt as the course is flat.

    I might do it again if things go well over the next month.

    I would also be interested in the bike ride to Brighton. I don't think a bucket and space will do you much good though, with all the pebbles there :(

  • I'll probably go for the Cabbage Patch the week after Kingston as well:

    Cabbage Patch
  • Oooh The Cabbage path 10!

    That's another good idea. It starts about 400 yards away from my Mothers House! I did it about 10 years ago, the last race I did before I stopped racing (and most running) for about 8 years, due to an achilles tendon problem.
  • Good point griz - I am a bit trippy sometimes...

    I'm also doig the cabbage patch 10
  • Ahhh see..... I thought if we started sharing our plans that there would be a few minor skirmishes in there somewhere!! Plenty of opportunity for plotting pirately deeds post race over a beer here methinks!

    Zilla - I've stopped being trippy and got healthy (apart from beer obviously!)

    Hendrix stilll sounds good though, but then I'm getting to be an old fart!
  • The events mentioned so far are mostly running. Personally I am planning to do only a few local halfs (Marlow, Windsor, Wokingham), but really only jogging them. Definately no marathons planned.

    I'm thinking about the Fred Whitton in May so cycling will be more of a focus over the winter. I'll keep an eye an eye on audax and cyclosportive sites for local rides. I would up for any longer social rides as well.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    sadly the kingston marathon is no more

    the 8 mile/16 mile run and the cabbage patch 10 are both great runs though

    oh and MK is north of watford, therefore carl is a northerner..
  • i'd like to do the fred whitton - the bike is definteily going to be a point of focus this year and it sounds suitably horrific.
  • ergo
    As well as the Fred Whitton - (May: 3550metres of ascent) there are also the Polka Dot (early june:2300) and Cotswolds (late June:2200). They re all 100 miles

    For comparison the first rider home in the Polka and Cotswolds was Tim Proctor. His times were:

    Fred Whitton: 6:36 18th
    Polka Dot: 5:18 1st
    Cotswolds: 5:32 1st

    FW is seriously scarey.
  • I don't think Tim need lose any sleep over me nicking his no 1 spot - but there's a while before i need to commit anything anyways. the cotswolds will definitely be logistically easier if nothing else - where is the polka dot?
  • There's a map on:

    I did Cotswolds in a slow 7:40 this year. Enjoyed it. It is a good event for IMUK - similar amount of climbing. Its probably a month before IMde - I'm not sure if it may be a bit tough coming so close to IMde
  • yeah, i also have to factor in medsurg exams at the end of may..
  • (although that could potentially be the last big ride before taper - if IMDE is 23rd July that still gives 3 weeks)
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