PSOF - South East Chapter



  • There is that. Howver, I dont think its really an aero course. The flatter bits were on narrow back roads where you wouldnt want to be on the bars.

    I was thinking that a course profile similar to IMde might be better at that time.
  • Off on my holidays for two weeks, aint got a clue where i am going but see you all in two weeks.

    Hopefully will get some swimbling in to prevent drowning on my return and facilitate survival on the brighton bash
  • Any of the local bike guys know any rides that aren't "seriously scary" and aren't 100 miles long around the south east? Some of the newer to bikes peeps may like a shorter, easier introduction to bike riding, and there has to be some 30-50 milers round the surrey hills somewhere? I wouldn't have a clue where to start looking though, and this TT stuff just doesn't appeal and wouldn't really be condusive to good base work.

    Any thoughts?
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